A couple TBI questions

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Dec 15, 2015
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I'm preparing to install a GM TBI kit from Performance, and before I rip into it, I have two questions I need answered.

1) Where have people been putting the ECU. I was assuming the glovebox, since I never have anything of use in there anyway, let alone gloves, but when i disassembled it to start prepping a path, I noticed paper back book bindings are made of sturdier stuff. My next location is the tuffy box, but that seems kinda far away. The dash looks stuffed full otherwise. I'm perplexed.

2) What do I replace the mechanical linkage with? Cable, obviously, but I cant seem to search any solutions on Mud. 2x Perplexed.

Thanks for any ideas.
You can get a cable throttle pedal from an FJ62. You can also cut the end off a GM vehicle pedal with a cable throttle and weld it to the FJ60 pedal. I've done both. For a cable I have used cables from GM trucks with TBI motors for an FJ60 to TBI conversion. Drilled a round hole in the FJ60 firewall then filed the opening to the square that the GM cable needs. Or you can buy and aftermarket cable from Lokar or other streetrod/hotrod/race supplier. The computer went in the glovebox or behind the kick panel.


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