A/C system - how to remove the cooling unit, evaporator, expansion valve

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Jun 27, 2021
Miami, FL USA
Part numbers are close, but they are not the same (LHD: 88501-60101, RHD: 88501-60111). I don't know what the difference is, but there is a reason the part numbers are different, and it wouldn't take much of a difference to make it totally unusable. Not worth the gamble IMO.

@94GLX Is the RHD part no longer available? Why can't you get the proper part?

So I have both a RHD and a LHD 80 series in my house. 1995 RHD & 1994 LHD

OEM # applicable here are
88501-60111 RHD
88501-60101 LHD

I ordered a spare RHD Denso evaporator on ebay from Australia to play it safe with any incompatibilities. Unfortunately, the evaporator arrived to the USA in the shape of a ball lol. :bang:

I took a good look at pictures I had taken of both RHD and LHD evaporators and indeed externally they appear the EXACT same.

If you take a closer look though, you will notice that the flange where the TXV attaches to has a little nubbin which I would assume is to properly locate the TXV since the actual TXV is the same between RHD and LHD.
The little locating nub is on different sides of the connection flange on the RHD and LHD evaporator. Unless there is an internal difference in either shape, design, or flow of the channels in the evaporator, I would wager that if you grind off the nub on a LHD Denso evaporator, it would work fine on a RHD 80/81 series.
If it weren't for that little nub, the TXV would fit in either direction since the evaporator side connections to the TXV block are both the same diameter and shape otherwise.
This is important to note because on the other side of the TXV that connects to the pipe assembly, if you were to simply flip the whole unmodified USDM evaporator with TXV attached, the Liquid/vapor connections on the TXV to pipe assembly side which are different diameters would be backwards.
One would think Toyota would only make 1 evaporator P/N with no locating nub and just say on the FSM to reverse the TXV depending if left hand drive or wrong hand drive. Again, I am not sure if it was because some people might not be able to follow directions, or if there is an actual internal difference that would make this a no go.

As for direction of flow inside the evaporator, Id also wager that its similar. I dug deeper and found that this style of evaporator is called a "Drawn cup style".
See below illustration for a rough idea of internal flow and one can deduce that having the liquid/vapor reversed would not make a difference, assuming the internal design doesn't have anything that would make it sensitive to direction of flow.

The RHD evaporator is either hard to find, twice the cost of LHD Denso/toyota, or discontinued. In my case, the denso unit I ordered from Australia didn't make the trip lol.

As for actually trying it out, I will just be using my original RHD evaporator since its in great shape. The LHD denso unit seems to be on national backorder.
Hopefully someone tries it out one day and reports back lol. It might even be me if I end up needing a new evaporator one day and cant find a "RHD version"

Internal flow:
1565238211_Evap ST Flow-01.jpg

RHD Denso evaporator P/N 447600-2790 OR EVX622:

LHD Denso Evaporator P/N 476-0045:

I hope this information helps anyone on the fence of trying! Off topic, Its unfortunate how facebook has killed activity on many forums that were once very active.


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