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Jan 12, 2006
Ladner, BC, Canada
This may seem like a dumb question to some, but I have enver owned a vehicle with A/C. Where the **!% is the A/C unit in the engine compartment? I purchased the 1994 80 sight unseen (my 1st mistake) from a 'trust worthy' dealership in Memphis'. Had it shipped to Vancouver, Canada (yes we do need A/C up here). The A/C was to be replaced by the dealer. Should it be above the passenger shock mount where there are 4 lonely bolts stcking out? Anyone have pics? Will A/C units from other model Toyotas work in an 80?

Please be kind in reply. I'm a BJ60(diesel) owner at heart. The 80 is for the wife.
Well, I have an FJ80 rather than an FZJ80, so I don't know exactly where yours should be, but... You do know the A/C compressor is a belt-driven component? So, start checking off everything that's driven by the belts: Smog pump, alternator, etc.

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