A/C - Proper weight of R-12 in fj60 system

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Sep 4, 2005
Clear Lake Shores, Texas (Kemah)
I am looking for the proper weight of r-12 that goes in a 85 FJ60 a/c system.

Does anyone have that info. ?

Also I am using Duracool to re-do my system after a compressor failure. I have my gauges on the low side and when the compressor kicks on it pulls the pressure down between 5 yo 8 psi. When it cycles and kicks off the pressure goes up to 45 psi before the compressor kicks back on and drops the pressure down again.

Now duracool says to get the low side pressure around 28 psi. Is this 28 psi pressure when the compressor is on or when cycling and kicked off?

Thanks for the help
compressor oil

R12 systems use mineral oil or you could use PAG 46 oil, as long as it says "double-endcapped" on the bottle. Regular PAG oil is not ok. Oil capacity is approx. 8oz.
Hope this helps,
I bought the duracool chill oil so it would all be the same company brand. Poured out old oil from compressor and then added the new in.

I just want to make sure how much freon to put in cause my gauges aren't showing what it seems it should be. I don't want another mistake of over pressure and popping a hole in something.

That condensor worked, had to do a lil mods to it, but it worked out.

Thanks so much!!!!
R12 charge amount

Hi James,
Glad the condenser worked-what did you have to modify? I'd like to know for next time.
My books list the charge amount at 1.50 lbs +/- 10%.
The low-side pressure they list is with the compressor clutch engaged. I think it will operate fine with lower low-side pressure (down in the teens) but you don't really want to go much lower.
Have a good weekend! I'm off to change a rear trans case seal.

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