A/C in my FJ60

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Sep 7, 2008
Need a little help. Have a 1985 fj60, which had a/c originally. Everything was pulled out from the previous owner. I need to have a/c put back in as I'm using this as an everyday driver. Where do I start, and what should this cost...roughly. In NY, Long Island area. Also, would be grateful for any suggestions on wheels and tires. Looking to get this done ASAP. Thanks
Start in the "parts for sale" or the "Parting out" section. I'm sure you can get a complete system.
Click on the Classifieds button above and search for members selling parts. Another idea is to buy a junker truck for cheap with all the parts you need.

If you buy used gear, figure about $500 (certified guess)

Wheels and tires deals are best found in those off road magazines sold on news stands. There are magazine vendors selling steel wheels and name brand tires for good prices.

Hope this helps,

You sure everything was pulled out for the AC? If so, then you got a lot of work and parts. What size tire you running and what you want to put on it?
Find a rusted out cruiser and pull the a.c. out and put it in. MIke
Thanks for the responses...I'l start looking for the parts. As far as what I'm running, its all stock. New to this and trying to take it all in.

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