A/C-heater blower circut breaker keeps tripping

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Jun 28, 2010
Baton Rouge
Hey y'all-

Doing some A/C work.

While charging and then evaluating system performance, the blower mmotor circut breaker would trip approx every 4-7 mins. blower switch was set at the max position. it was tripping before the compressor could even cycle, temps were getting into the upper 40's and dropping with good pressures after charging, but the damn thing kept tripping

the c/b was pretty hot every time i went to re-set it

The FSM says to look for a short...take it to a professional or something like that. nothing helpful at all...

I should also note that the lowest setting has been out for awhile now. I have the new resistior. but i had not encountered this problem untill now so i have not changed it.

Could the semi-bad-going bad resistor be causing the problem? I will be changing this probably tomorrow night.

Could it be the relay?

I have the wiring diagram for the system but i am really not that good at figuring electircal problems. i can post it if someone wants to take a look

Has any one run into this before and have any insight?


Blower motor should be tested sounds like its shorting out. Simple to remove 3 screws. Have it tested. MIke
mine trips if i leave it set to max for too long. pretty sure i need a new blower motor as well. pulled it to clean it and the brushes are toast. someone posted a link where you can buy a new one for about $20.
Swamp - old post - but did you ever narrow it down to anything? I am having the same issue.
I pulled my blower motor and dissembled it. Took the old brushes to an alt/starter rebuild shop and picked up a set of slightly over sized brushes and filed them to fit. It did require some soldering but if you need to a computer repair shop should be able to do it for cheep. Then used air tool oil on the bushings and reassembled. huge difference, almost like a new car. Now I am in the middle of cleaning the A/C evaporator and re-sealing all the duct work.

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