A/C Fan Bearing ?

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Dec 23, 2002
I've recently noticed that when the fan inside the cab is on, regardless of whether the A/C is on or off - there is major rattling coming from behind the Passenger side dash - where I believe the fan is. I'm guesing that maybe thee is a bearing that the fan spins on and that it might be worn out. Has anyone else had this problem ?
I do have this problem, been light noise for a waile got noticable worse a few days ago, my best buess is that there is funk in the fan, everyone I have ever pulled out is caked in dust and junk leaves etc.
Is it tough to pull out ? What is the procedure ?
precedure is in the FSM.

the 80 series I pulled the fan on was already very dissasembled by the time I got to the fan, but looks like it should be no big deal to pull just the fan.
The heater fan comes out the bottom of the case that is just above the passenger's toes. It is a bit akward to get out but doable. There are no components serviced, the motor is replaced as an assemby. I changed mine a couple years ago.
I've had the same problem with my son's Celica and my old '90 Accord. In both cases there was nothing wrong wtih the fan itself, but the blower assembly had some leaf stems and other crap in there as RT described. Cleaned it out, put it back, and never had the problem again.

Of course, it could still be your blower bearings too :rolleyes:
Pulled my fan today, found seveal leaves and the fins filled in with dust cleaned off the fins and put it back in. noise is gone and I think the fan seams to move more air.

How long did it take you to do this?

maybe 10 min to pull 5 to install, maybe 45 min to clean (including soak time) , you also kind of get limited access to the evaporator (mirror to see but you can get in there and spray something) I considered trying to clean the evaporator but decided to wait for another day.

The cover has 2 Philips screws, a clip in the back (get a mirror) and a linkage, after the cover is off one electrical connector on the fan and 3 hex screws, Doug your 93 might be different with the different dash but your 97 should be the same.

I used compressed air on the fan at first, that got the bulk off, (try not to spin the fan to fast, damage to the fan may occur along with damage to you) then a gentle cleaner and a small brush to clean stubborn stuff on the fins. Try not to get cleaner on the motor, it is air cooled and think it is open at the top under the fan
Does anyone know the color of the front bumper of a 1994 Landcruiser? Kind of a metalic brown/gray. Needs to match perfectly.
Blythg said:
Does anyone know the color of the front bumper of a 1994 Landcruiser? Kind of a metalic brown/gray. Needs to match perfectly.

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