A/C Dryer Shorter then stock?

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Pix would be nice. early 93/mid 94 R12 dryers were shorter than later R134 units. Does the new one match the old fittings?
hi, my expansion valve was working fine, is it sane to not replace it? my mechanic is old and My thoughts were to not take the glove box and core out.

wow doing your own wrenching is not that easy, iv got the bloody knuckles to prove it.
There are probably hundreds of shaps of AC dryers, and they pretty much all do the same thing, but may have different fittings. It is entirely OK if the dryer is slightly shorter, the functionality will not differ. The sight of it may bug you.
Toyota has a couple different driers that have the same hose/bolt pattern on the top, but vary in length. The stock 80 series drier (Denso 478-0505) is roughly 7 1/2" tall. If you look at a drier for a same year Camry (Denso 478-0500) it's roughly 3/4" shorter, same fittings on top.

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