a/c circuit breaker tripping on 85 FJ60

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Feb 6, 2004
Mechanicsburg, PA
The A/C circuit breaker keeps tripping about 10 seconds after the A/C button is pushed on my 85 FJ60. I gave up trying to find the problem and took it to a local mechanic. This is what he has replaced so far; Amplifier, Blower Motor, Circuit Breaker. Next thing on the list is to replace the A/C relay. Based on some of the other threads I've read it looks like it may be a short somwhere. Any other ideas?
Is it possible that the compressor, condensor or evaporator could be the culprit and loading down the electrical system?
Have you checked the wire that runs from the A/C amplifier to the compressor clutch to see if it's shorting to ground?
Haven't checked that yet. But certainly will. Thanks!
Not sure why I started this project in the summer? WIth my luck I will have it running at the end of this 100 degree summer
X2 on your clutch being a culprit. Or at least the wiring going to your clutch.
Makes sense Coolstream. Looks like everyone is on the same page with the clutch being the problem.
Thanks everyone!

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