A\C blower or electric windows - why can't I have both? (1 Viewer)

Mar 6, 2020
My 80 have a Webasto heater installed, and since I live in a warm country, there is no use for it.
It's a system that uses gasoline to heat the engine water while circulating it and warms up the car interior.
So after removing all the electric cable and water hoses in the engine bay, the A\C blower and electric windows are no longer working.
I've figured that the Webasto system, when turned on, could close the windows and turns on the blower.
The only in-cab connection of the Webasto was to the blower engine, and after disconnecting it and soldering back the original connection, both the blower and the windows operate, but not at the same time!
I need to turn the blower off in order to operate the windows :confused:

Any clue of where to start looking?
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