A bunch of parts questions, while the head is apart

Dec 21, 2006
Hey everybody, thanks for all of the info and advice on the cracked head. I removed the head today and I came up with a bunch of questions.
1. I have an oem Toyota water pump on right now it has a tiny bit of play in it, almost unnoticable should it be replaced?
2. My hoses are in good shape but it seems like a folly to not put new ones in while the head is off. Are The CCOT hoses good?
3. CCOt has the water pump and radiator hoses, Who has all of the hoses that go to the firewall and the connecting firewall lines?
4. I noticed that when I took the head off that the gasket had some of the holes blocked. A couple of them were susposed to be blocked because they did not have coresponding holes, but some of them did had coresponding holes. :confused: Can anyone recommend a good gasket? Felpro?
5. Does anybody know where to get one of the inline filters for the radiator fluid? The type that gors into the top radiator hose?
6. Since I know that there is water in the bottom end and the gasket is leaking I am going to pull the oil pan. I have heard that there is a newer style one piece oil pan gasket. Who makes it?
7. Is there anything else that I should replace while the head is off? I had great compression before I pulled the head 144-160. So I am not really concerned abot the bottom end, Anything else that I should clean or replace while the top end is off?

John McVicker

Jul 11, 2005
Big Pine, CA
Best place to get hoses is OEM from a dealer. Same with belts. Contact Cdan for all your OEM parts..fast delivery & a good discount.

For straight heater hose stuff you can go with any good heater hose, I use Goodyear Red. I use OEM stuff for the curved heater hoses, if you try to use the straight stuff you run the risk of kinks. Curved OEM heater hoses are more expensive but worth it.

A lot of people like the Felpro head gasket, I like OEM. For some reason some holes are supposed to be covered. Try matching the new gasket up with the old one, unless that is why the head cracked. With the OEM head gasket, one end has sort of a lip that will enterfer with the water pump if on backwards. Don't know about Felpro.

I think I would replace that water pump. You will never have an easier shot at it.

And I would replace the belts & keep the old ones for spares.

Haven't used it but I 'think' OEM has a one piece oil pan gasket.

There are a couple of hoses on the firewall behind the head that REALLY should be replaced now.

Don't know where to get that RAD. filter you are talking about.

HTH John
Apr 9, 2002
Olympia, WA
The radiator filter I have seen is by ganno (?sp) and SOR or one of the other vendors is were I first saw it. I have heard the biggest problem with the one that goes in the large radiator hose is lack of cooling should it get clogged. There are smaller ones that go in the heater hoses and they just look like a pair of barbed garden hose repair fittings with a hose screen washer thing.
Dec 21, 2006
Thanks for all of the Replys I will email Dan about the hoses and gaskets and water pump. The only reason that I want to install a inline filter is that I know that quite a bit of gunk made its way into the water passages while I was cleaning the tops of the pistons and scraping off the head gasket.

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