A bump in the road

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May 26, 2003
Coming down a fairly steep hill on my FJ, my master cylinder decided it was time to stop working. NO brakes. A long story short, I ground the frame a little bit, bent a rim and popped a tire. But know its decided to stop starting. I'm not sure what the problem is. My gut feeling is that it is something in the ignition/electrical system but any input would really be helpful. The starter clicks most of the times, there is some electtrical drain, but other than that i'm in the dark.
Check all connections. Check negative ground to frame at both battery and frame, check connection at starter. By check I mean take it ALL off, clean it all, put all back on good and tight. If you have the kind of battery cables where the post clamp has another small clamp to hold it to the actual copper strands, take that off and clean it as well. Try a different battery too. That is actually your starter solenoid clicking, when there is drain and you hear a click that normally means that the starter is not gettin all the juice it needs, but is getting enough to click.
Yeah, I'd say go around and make sure all the ignition connections are still in place, ie. the coil wire. Also, take a look to ensure that the distributor isn't cracked or what-not.
More importanly, I'd suggest going over your starting system and battery.
You said that the starter clicks, does it crank as well? As I recall, the starter grounds right through its mount. Take a look to see that the starter is seated properly and that the bolts holding it in place are tight (there are two, if memory serves me correctly). In the past I've had intermittent starting problems due to loose starter bolts. Also make sure that the positive side is all in place.
Another place to look is the battery. Make sure both leads and terminals are squared away. Also, if you took a serious hit, your battery's cells/plates may have been structurally compromised. Try swapping in a different battery and see if that helps at all. Be mindful of leaking acid as the battery's case may have been cracked as well!
That's what's coming to me off the top of my head. Hope it helps.

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