a belated intro....

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Mar 24, 2012
Been on here a bit since I got my cruiser and realized I never did the "hello, here is a pic of my cruiser" thing. So here she is. 1974 fj40. Thanks for all the wisdom I have already gained on thus awesome forum!

Looks great! I'm new as well and can't believe the knowledge on this site.
Johnny, you are right in both counts. I still have the hard top also. It came with aluminum fenders as well as an aluminum tub. 1.5 engine. Has a weber carb. Not thrilled about that part, but it works. Any idea what kind of lift is on it? Currently has 31" tires on it. Not a daily driver but a very often driver. Thanks for the comments!
Great looking truck! Now at least you don't have to worry about all that extra time and money you used to have...

Welcome to the madness!!!
Thanks! I have actually heard about trollhole....I think. A good friend of mine mentioned a guy in that area that had a shop that worked on cruisers. Don't think he referred to him as trollhole though!
nice rig--best year made==1974~!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~:D:D:D
I might have to agree, if it weren't for the 71, which is certainly the best year ever made.

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