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Apr 15, 2009
Foresthill, Calif.
I've begun to have problems with the ignition the last two days. It seems to be intermittant. I did a few tests today and the switch is all I can come up with. Perhaps someone here knows better.

The FJ runs fine, the battery is at 12.8V, there's 12.8 at the motor/ign relay, at the starter and the headlights and horn are strong.

When I turn the key on and try to start it the fuel pump (elect) runs up to pressure but when I turn it to crank my ammeter guage drops like a rock to 8V or less.

If I short the 12V to the solinoid terminal the motor pops right up and that's what has me thinking, switch.

Any thoughts out there?

I just replaced my ignition switch. My symptom was that the starter motor was not energizing every time I turned the key to "start". I would turn the key to "start" and...nothing. I turn the key again and it would start right up.

I took the old switch apart and there was some wear on some of the contacts. I guess stuff doesn't last forever.

I purchased a new switch from toyota. The install is pretty straight forward. You can try and take yours apart and clean the contacts, but pay attention when you take it apart so you can get it back together again.
Check the power to the solonoid when the key is turned to start.should have the same 12.8 volts. If it does, I would bet it's the solenoid, not the switch.
I took some pictures of my old switch taken apart. The part with the wires just pops off the the rest with a little prying. I wouldn't take it any farther apart that what is shown in the third picture--just separate the two pieces then remove the copper contact parts. The rest inside the white plastic cup contains detent ball bearings and springs. If you take those out it will be harder to get it all back together. Pay attention to how the small copper disk fits into the small plastic part and how they all fit and orient together. A new switch is about $70, probably cheaper from CDan.
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