A 62 sittin' on 24s

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Apr 28, 2009
Austin, Texas
I snapped this picture of a 62 with an atrocious paintjob and enormous chrome rims outside my office in Austin. I was (un)lucky enough to get my phone out and snap the picture before he got too far away.

It's horrible.

62 rims.jpg
Kill it with fire!!

Lots and lots of fire.

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I am actually surprised they found 24's in a LC bolt pattern with a close to correct offset
Sort of like the retro paint job, but the rims, not so much. But then most people would not like my dented and rusty steel rims either.
I see what you're doing... You got all gangsta with your cruiser and aren't sure how to make the re-introduction to the group so you pretend it's someone elses?


Clean looking cruiser nonetheless... :meh:
I really dont dislike it actually. I wouldnt trade mine for it, but it looks kinda cool :meh:
I'm with spook on this 1 lots and lots of fire. Like enough fire that when Alls said and done it looks like that beer can that hot thrown in the bon fire early on in the night.
At least the truck looks to be in good shape.

I don't think the wheels look too bad. I'd rather see that than one in really poor shape.
Certainly not my taste, but you have to at least appreciate that he(?) wanted to keep it in good condition. Maybe we should all start carrying some buckets of mud to throw on shiny LCs - we could put an LC-spin on old school PETA antics
i wonder if (s)he's ever spun the hub into 4wd
Mark-where on earth was this snapped? I'm gonna invite him to Saturday morning coffee time!

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I'm with most of you on the paint job, looks good and clean, nothing weird there.

Don't torch the thing, just torch the rims. Although the interior might be scary...or its awesome. No doubt the guy is trying to impress the ladies with big shiny rims so he couldn't leave the interior stock.

What do you think? Lexus LX470? Custom? I bet it matches that paint job.
i wonder if he/she wheels it?

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