9mm Brake line

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Aug 31, 2006
I switch my rear springs around and have ran into a snag. Like my other post I was looking for the rear brake line from frame to axle. Well little did I know they do not make the extened brake line for a 68. How have some of you guys fixed this problem. I really do not want to just unblot the blk. I thought about adding a section of 3/16 line in and using to 9mm on the end of that. Any thoughts.
Did you try searching first...lots of really great stuff on mud just about this :steer:
Yes I did try searching first that is how I find most of the info. That why only 27 posts. I must have looked over it the first 3 times but I found what I need. Mud has the best info!!!!
there is an adapter sold bt napa....look in the faq for details...that is what i used on my 68...good luck

If you unhook the bracket that holds the junction of your hardline to your rear drop hose and move it from inside the framerail to the underside of the framerail, you will net a few more inches of travel in the original brake hose.

If this is not enough, I stock a rear rubber hose in the 9mm size [pre 71 LC's] that is approximately 4" longer than the stock one. These are the ones I installed with my 4" lift on my 65 and they work just fine.


Mark A.

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