craigslist 99 toyota land cruiser - $5500 - Houston, TX area

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United States
Just saw this deal posted. Not so concerned about the interior as much as the mechanical and electrical issues. There's a nice write-up on interior redo on this site. Seems like this is discounted about $3500 from some other 100's with similar mileage. Looks like it has the magic dial too.

Any thoughts? I'm about 3 hours away from this in Texas. No affiliation BTW. Just looking for a FZJ80 or 3rd gen 4runner, but wouldn't pass up a 100 bargain if it fits my budget.


99 toyota land cruiser
Of course, if the interior looks that bad, there's no telling how badly maintained the engine and other were neglected or maintenance skimped on.
Beware on this one. $2k+ in computer/ABS work alone. Not to mention interior is killed, sunroof doesn't work, no 3rd row, accident unreported on front end, FEMA vehicle, etc, etc.
I'm just guessing but, my spidey senses say it was a swimmer from N.O. that migrated west after the BIG storm.?????
I inquired about the vehicle, the title is under someone elses name and not the sellers. There is something massively fishy going on here. Agreed; pass.

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