99 LX470 spare tire

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Aug 30, 2006
Santa fe, New Mexico
Greeting all. I’m trying to get the spare tire down today and do not have the factory jack or tool set. I know there is often a special key for it but I don’t think this has one. I took a photo of what it looks like.

What kind of tools do I use to get this thing down? I’m about out if my mind:):):):)



Ok, I see now. Took the tired off my removing the holder attached to the cable. I think I’m going to take the bracket off and clean it and figure this thing out more.

Now if only I could find a darn jack and tool set on eBay! Do ones from the 80 series work or do I really need a 100 series?
I’ve used my 200 tool for the 100 and it worked fine. I fabbed my own tool out of about 1/2 square tube and a piece of metal cut to fit the two notches on each side of that receiver piece. I’ll take a picture of it tonight and post it up. It works fine, but I would rather an actual kit for portability purposes.
Any of the 'hooked' jack tools that will fit into that recess will work. The one for an 80 series will work just fine.

Also, ANYTHING that will span the recess and fit in the grooves will work to get it down right now.

Luckily yours does not the have the anti-theft key installed.

Last ditch: You can reach over the top of the tire mount cross member, using a 12 mm ratcheting wrench and remove the four bolts holding the tire winch in place. This will let the winch and tire come down (so be ready to catch/control it).
I had a 02 LX with the security key and it seized up from rust.

12mm bolts over top the cross member. Then put a floor jack up to the spare tire. Undo the 4 bolts and then let it drop.
That makes sense now. I was wondering why my spare mechanism had such a crazy fitting.
Wow never knew of a security key for a spare tire?

Yep, pain in the rear if you discover that at the time you need your spare and don't have the 'key' to let it down.

Spare tire winch lock.jpg
Is it the same key used for the theft protection wheel lug nuts?
Is it the same key used for the theft protection wheel lug nuts?

No. If you are unfortunate enough to have this item on your spare tire let down winch (as I was), remove it. Anybody that wants to steal your spare tire will do so in two minutes or less.
What is the trick to removing it without a key?
What is the trick to removing it without a key?
Go up overtop of it, 4 bolts and the whole assembly comes down.

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