'99 LC100 - codes in ECU, but check engine light not illuminating

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Nov 23, 2018
Reykjavík, Iceland
I have a weird problem. My code reader shows codes in the ECU but the CEL does not illuminate. It's not burned out either as it comes on with the ignition. Currently I've got P0135 and P0155 and have previously had others, such as from when I was testing my coil packs. Any insights on why this might be?
Thanks. I know the O2 sensors have been giving this code every time I check for perhaps 4 months of daily driving, which I would have expected to show up - is there any way to test? For peace of mind it'd be nice to know whether the ECU will actually trigger the light if something more urgent is happening.
Those stored codes that haven't turned on the check engine are pending codes. Like @Trunk Monkey said, they'll eventually show if all the criteria for that code is met.

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