99 Brownish color?

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Jan 12, 2006
Richmond, VA
I've been looking for a 100 to replace my 62 when the baby arrives (wife wants safer), and I saw a local 100 yesterday. Looked to be an older 99 or 2000 that was a 2 tone brown/champangeish color. It has no roof rack etc...look pretty slimmed down..which is exactly what I am looking for.

Anyone know what this color combo is and what years it was offered in? It reminded me of the 2 tone brown that was offered in 92 if that helps.
Yup...it was a 2 tone of that color and the goldish tan on the flares & bumpers. I assume 99 was the only year for that combo?

The body color is Bronze Metallic. The body molding including bumpers are kind of a grey-ish color. Great color for an area sans of pin-striping/shredding type plants :rolleyes:.

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