99 4runner sold 2000 LC Purchased

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Jan 22, 2015
Knoxville, TN
So not long ago I just joined the Appalachia Cruisers with my 99 4Runner. I'm extremely excited to show off my new purchase. 2000 Toyota Landcruiser. Knoxville native 2 owners 250k with some hail damage but absolutely PERFECT mechanically with insane service records with receipts.

Looking for some 18's to throw on her first. Then ABR the front and back bumpers, I'll fix as much of the hail damage myself as i can, may wrap it flat black. So many options. Look forward to meeting all you guys this month sometime.


Nice 100. I have a buddy in Morristown that had a set of 18" Tundra wheels for $100 if you're interested. I'll see if he still has them. I was going to get them for my 2000 LC but lucked out and found some TRD rock warriors. Welcome to the 100 club!
Hey man thanks so much! I've actually been talking to him I found his ad on CL. Small world!

Here's a question. What tires you think? Of course if love 35's or 295's but it looks like I'll have to lift it for that... Old man EMU 2" lift? I'm New but I want it BIG. Thanks In advance!

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