'98 transmission pan gasket for my '97??

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Mar 30, 2006
I decided to perform a last-minute transmission flush using the DIY procdure posted here (worked beautifully BTW) so off to Checker I went to buy 12 quarts of Mobil 1 ATF and a new gasket. The gasket had to be shipped in from another store so the next day I went to p/u this supposed gasket only to find that it is not the right one. My trans pan is a perfect rectangle and this -quote- '97 spec. gasket is a trapeziodal shaped one that is way off. So I think the bone-head that ordered it is at fault and decide to take my business to Autozone in hopes that they have one in stock. To make a long story short - they have the same trapezoidal shaped one listed for a 1997. The Autozone dude for sh!ts and giggles decides to pull up a '98 and Sham-Wow! it's the right one. Purchased the '98 gasket and it fit perfectly. Did Toyota switch to the same transmission in certain 97's that the 98 used?? I would think not since it's a inline 6 vs. a V8.....

FYI - I flushed out about 9 qts of transmission fluid and called it good. Also wondering what an acceptable amount of black iron file is to be expected on the magnets? Mine were covered in black soot.

WTF side-effect: When I started the truck up for the first time after filling the transmission I heard a loud whirring noise coming from the tranny (assume this was a result of the momentary fluid-free environment all the moving bits were in) and all of my idiot lights came on. I shut the engine off but the motor started desieling and I could have sworn that the starter motor engaged if I left the key in the ON position. This happened 3 times so I let it set for a few minutes and started it again. This time everything started and ran as normal and the tranny was once again quiet.
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I have no answers for either of your questions, but FYI the OEM Toyota seal is Form-In-Place-Gasket (FIPG), there is no gasket.
the starter motor staying engaged may be a coincidental - and unrelated - problem with the starter motor due for a rebuild .. lots of threads on faulty starter motor contacts to read here for thoughts and insite... good luck
The starter sticking was your warning. Order the new contacts and plunger from Cdan or surely it will happen again somewhere and bad things may happen. Such as your wiring system overheating and catching on fire on a hot day in Arizona.....

No clue who sold you a tranny pan gasket as 80s don't come with one....

Toyota does not use a pre-cut transmission pan gasket for this application. The CORRECT sealer is FIPG (form in place gasket) # 00295-01281. Shame on any aftermarket bozo that claims anything different.....
Well, lemme just say that after taking my tranny pan off like, a dozen times, I got pretty dang sick of having to scrape off all the FIPG every single time, clean everything up and squeeze out new gasket maker. I said "screw that", went to NAPA, and got a filter and rubber pan gasket set. It fit perfectly, and hasn't leaked a drop. My goodness!! MUCH easier than the FIPG cr@p. It's ridiculous to spend so long scraping that cr@p off.... I hate that stuff.
Yes, I did read in the FSM that FIPG was specified but I agree that it would be a serious P.I.T.A to scrape that junk off every time. Glad to hear that someone else has gone this route and it has proven to be reliable.

Now it sounds like I need to ejemicate myself on starter contacts. The fun never ends with an almost 200k mile vehicle but it always does what we need it to do when we need it - and it's way paid off......

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