97FZJ80 on FJCruiser Wheels

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Mar 5, 2006
Just a monday morning pic.....I kinda like the turn out.
looks really good
Man I like those. I want to upgrade to those one of these days. They look great. A+ sir.
They look better on that truck then they ever did on the FJ Cruiser.

I love that 2 tone.

Great looking ride. Those look like the Firestone MT's?
BFG Muds - 33"
FJC Rims are 17x7.5. People say BS is stock, but I'm not sure I believe those figures with the alloys - they are pretty deep dish looking even at 7.5" wide.

I had a bead on 5 for $250 in Denver, but decided to stay with stock rims. They do look good on the 80. :cheers:
me likey!

but that might be because I have the same setup..:D....they seem to work well with the look of the truck. I used 1 1/4" wheel spacers to bring them out a bit as they are about 3/4" in from the stock wheels, as you may have noticed.
With the spacers they sit perfect, just slightly wider stance than stock.
Sometimes I think that they are a little 'flashy' for my truck and I would rather have some black FJ steelies, but I will probably just leave them on.

Can you still see out your back windows?
I like factory. But. those are factory flash forward and look good..
Using 1.5" spacers.

Can someone photo shop my truck and turn the grey rocker panels and flares into Black rocker panels and flares... curious how it might look.

looks good man. i love alot of toyotas oem wheels...its just unfortunate that anything other than the oem FZJ80 wheels for 6 bolt are too narrow and have too much backspacing on them. also, they require spacers to either look good on flared rigs, or clear suspension & frame bits.

any pics of them from the front/rear?

post up a bigger pic and ill chop it for ya.
whats your email... ill send you some pics

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