SOLD 97 LX450 Orlando FL $5500

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United States
1997 Lexus LX450, No low ball offers please i am not desperate to sell.

New front/rear rotors and pads
New gear oil
New Brake flush
Replaced fuel float and fuel pump
Replaced Dashboard
Front seats recovered in vinyl
New drivers seat gears installed
New Oil pump seal
New belts new pulleys and water pump
New BFG TA KO2 tires
New starter
New Battery
New alignment
No rust
Needs Paint
New Antenna mast, stuck for for reason.. I have to pull it out and see why..
Check Engine light is on
ABS Light on
Replaced rear tailgate due to rust at the spoiler mounting points..
Removed factory rook rack, some foam like glue left behind.
Removed Factory steps cuz i like the look and added mud flaps
When i purchased it the sun roof was stuck open so i pulled it out, removed the junk off the track and got it working again,

She runs good, has no mechanical issues, the paint is just a bit ugly..
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He man, glad you made it home.. Enjoy the cruiser.. Here is my new girl..

Please mark as sold in title.

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