For Sale 97 LX450 in Atlanta 2nd owner 180K Exceptional

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United States
Selling a beautiful LX450 Arizona/Georgia Truck FULLY documented and tastefully upgraded. No rust and never off road(except for my building site). Selling to narrow focus and finances on new home construction and budget.

First and foremost so I hopefully don't get this question.


Purchased in 2015 from the original owner with about 165k miles off of Mud, Link below. If seriously interested please take the time to read how well the previous owner cared for this vehicle.
For Sale - 1997 LX450 One Owner Factory Original Phoenix Arizona

The 450 was exceptionally maintained. I drove for a little while only changing the oil w/ synthetic and rear brakes using Toyota parts.

In 2016, (170k) took it to a Mastertech friend to have it baselined. Did full synthetics in the driveline, replaced coolant, full tune, valve cover gasket, heater valve, etc., etc.

In January 2017 with 177.5 K miles, replaced tires at discount tire with 285 BFG KO2’s with certificates. The certificates give three years of 100% replacement coverage. They are fully transferable with about two years left on them. The ARB stock height suspension, alignment and a few other odds and ends were completed shortly after.

In September 2017, I had the front and rear bumpers, hood and front quarters repainted, and the grill guard installed. You can see from the original owner’s pictures the bumpers needed some attention. There were a couple spots in the hood from bird droppings that cooked in the Arizona sun. We decided to do the front quarters too after a little debate so they would look best. Never any accidents or damage repair, just making her look her best.

Lastly, the seat covers were just replaced with the best option full leather seat covers on cruiser parts. Drivers lower seat cushion was also replaced, passenger looked fine but not quite as full as the driver seat now so ordered the passenger seat bottom; also some seat extenders for the driver side, but have not been installed yet. Those parts will go with the vehicle. $300 worth.

I have every bit of original documentation. All books, manuals and keys, original window stickers, everything. and it's all in pristine condition. Additionally, all parts and service records since new. Lexus service history from new. I have a lot of very recent money in the vehicle. Everything works as it should, AC blows cold and heat hot. No leaks, doesn’t use any oil, starts, runs, drives and handles fantastic! Full synthetic w/ Toyota filter every oil change. Will add pics in groups. Upon request can send many more specific pictures and detailed information. Price is $18,500.

Comments are appreciated and I am a good sport w/ constructive feedback so please share. Don't however waste my time with questions or information requests if you can't or won't pay my price for the vehicle.

Lastly, I recently sold my 470 here as well. You can check it out at the link below to verify my representation of the quality and condition of my vehicles.

For Sale - 2007 LX470 Atlanta, Ga






Couple additional items I forgot.

ALL original body panels w/ VIN tags.
ALL original glass.
Tires, Suspension and Grill Guard are only items not OEM.

More pics..





I'm the buyer of Steve's LX470 and got to see this one is truly a beautiful vehicle and the buyer should be very pleased as Steve is very attentive to his vehicles! He's also got a pristine '94 Jaguar with ridiculously low about some pics of it?
Definitely life is how you see it. Sarcasm works this way also.
Good luck with sale! It will need a little bit of it.

Happy new year!
Ahhh, 1997. when gas was 70 cents a gallon. That was my senior year of High School. GLWS, OP. good looking truck. almost a time capsule
Beautiful rig. After seeing both of your awesome rigs I now feel guilty about calling you a nasty gator.

Are you sure you didn’t go to Florida State?

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