97 LX450 approaching 200k

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Dec 19, 2009
had this nice LX for 6 months and I love it.
i bought it from a dealer in a small town in tx... so i didnt get any service records with it. Truck runs and drivers good... its my DD and i haven't had any issues with it since i bought it.... however, its approaching the 200k mark... YES! lol

i do mostly highway driving...

I think i will need some 02 sensors (check engine throwing that code) but other than that, what type of service should i do to my new baby? engine?tranny?electrical? i plan on keeping her for a long time...

here are some pix of her...

O, i'm looking for a brush guard bumper... if u got one, please lemee know!
i'm also looking for nice used stock tires for her...

i recently replaced the radiator due to a crack in the original one ( never overheated)

ue2011b 076.jpg
ue2011b 075.jpg
ue2011b 041.jpg
Nice truck. I just bought my 96 and i think its the same color as yours. Is yours kinda like a champagne color? Kinda tough to tell from the pics. Good luck with it. I am thoroughly enjoying mine and like you plan to keep it for a long time.
Read through the FAQ section to learn more about your rig and what can be done to baseline it. Most common (neglected) service is the front axle. Go to classified section to see if anyone is selling a bumper or ask your question in the parts wanted section.

Dimiscus: thanks ... yes its champaign kinda two tone...
kernal... thanks for the input...
Don't let miles worry you. I'm at 275k miles and no worries. Too bad you are in tx, I have a brush guard that will be coming off very soon.
nice truck....and welcome to the addiction!
lose part?

while i was spending some time looking under the hood and appreciating the straight six... i noticed this round part that was hanging loose ? does anyone know what it is?
i dont want it to be an airbag sensor or something like that :grinpimp:

ue2011b 046.jpg
ue2011b 043.jpg
ue2011b 045.jpg
Air bag sensor is inside the cabin. One of the Lexus owners can confirm, but it looks like an outside air temp sensor to me.

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