SOLD 97 LX450-143K-3x Locked-4.88s -35s- 4x4 Labs-J Lift-Short Bus-Armored–Etc

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United States
$25,000 SOLD!
Overland Park, KS 66221

Let me warn you, this will be a very long and detailed story and build log on my son's Triple Locked 1997 80-Series LX450 Land Cruiser that just crested 143K on the odometer. Some of you out there know Mitch's rig and some don't so I figured I'd try to capture all the details of this beauty. If you're on the hunt for something way over-built and turn-key then keep reading and click the DropBox folder for 110 detailed pics of how it sits today and some out in the wild in its natural environment. Before I get into that, the first question on most folks' mind is why are we selling it...Mitch is heading to college next spring and we have decided to build up a 100-Series for this next stage of his wheeling career as it will still be well suited for Overlanding and provide him a slightly better highway platform for his commutes.

This was our second build for Mitch and our first Land Cruiser. Don't hold this against me but I came from a Rover background (still drive them myself) and we built up a P38 Range Rover for him first. We had been wheeling with the local Land Cruiser Club, Tornado Alley Cruisers, and kept coming home from events in awe with what a locked 80 could do comparatively. Just for fun, I thought I'd keep my eyes open for an 80 and about 6-months into the search I snagged this one. We spent the next several months building it up and took both rigs down to an event at SMORR for Mitch to make his decision on which to keep. You guys may think it shouldn't have been difficult but I will say that the P38s once sorted and built properly are one of the best driving machines out there...on the road and moderate wheeling that is. Once in the really was a no-brainer...the Rangie was put on the market upon our return.

Here's a quick snapshot of its basic specs as purchased:
-1997 Triple Locked LX450 purchased by us from the Original Owner 8/2015 w/ 123,214 miles.
-Owned by wife of prominent executive and maintained to the highest standard by Lexus Dealer (documented). Traded back into the dealer and the Service Manager purchased it with the hopes his wife would use it in lieu of a mini-van. She wasn't impressed so we were lucky enough to spot it within minutes of him listing it for sale.
-Champagne Pearl Exterior w/ Tan Leather Interior - Beautiful Condition.
-Zero rust issues, never driven in winter on salted roads - lived in Wichita, KS.
-Owner's Manuals, Books, etc.
-Four Keys and One Valet Key.
-We felt like we hit the lottery when we stumbled upon it...Unicorn Status in our minds.

This LX450 has been a fantastic rig for Mitch, never once did it let him down and we have upgraded/modified it continuously thru his ownership. Several suspension setups and mods morphed along our travels. As you'll see in the pics, it's seen duty on trails and parks throughout the Midwest and last summer we spent a week conquering all the passes in the Silverton/Ouray Colorado area...truly an Overlanding Adventure that has changed our ideas about the sport and will be a regular part of our wheeling future.

Build Details (I drove it around for 2K miles prior to tearing into it so assume work completed at 125K miles unless noted): I'm sure I've missed some items but this should be close to everything...

Engine Bay:
-Base Line and Dry Up any oil leaks (valve cover gasket, oil pump, dizzy o-ring, etc.)
-Replaced ALL fluids (Toyo Red Coolant (138k), brake fluid, power steering fluid, etc.)
-MagnaFlow Y-Pipe / Catalytic Converter.
-Hollowed out Second Cat but left shell in place.
-Replaced both Oxygen Sensors.
-Replaced muffler with Bosal OEM style. Originally installed a Magnaflow but simply too loud for daily driving (141k).
-Replaced resonator with shorter stainless unit...needed for clearance with 4x4 Labs Rear Bumper.
-New radiator/coolant hoses (138K).
-New Blue Fan Clutch w/ mod (heavier oil). Peaks at 188 climbing a mountain in hot weather (138K).
-New thermostat (138K).
-PHH Hose replaced with popular silicone unit.
-New vacuum lines (141K).
-Deleted EGR system and pipe. No more issues with cooking the wiring harness (141k).
-Opened up wiring harness to ensure no melted wires in this area.
-New starter (138k).
-Sent out fuel injectors for cleaning and flow matching (141K).
-New spark plugs (141K).
-New drive belts.

Suspension: (several variations were tried and the OME J-Lift ended up being the perfect match)
-OME J-Lift - 2850J's+60070L's+2863J's+60071L's+ Steering Damper (@136K w/ this configuration).
-Slee Castor Correction Brackets - bolted and welded.
-Bump Stop Drops front and rear.
-Sway Bar Drops front and rear.
-Front Sway Bar Disconnect kit.
-NEW OEM Bushings front and rear - all placements.
-Rear LCAs cut and sleeved with DOM tubing and solid chromoly rod slid inside - bullet proof.
-New Stainless Extended Brake Lines.
-New Akebono Brake Pads & OEM Rotors front and rear.

-4.88 Gears - Sent out to ZUK in AZ for installation.
-E-Lockers gone thru.
-7-Pin Mod w/ CDL Switch on dash.
-Complete Knuckle/Front Axle Rebuild.
-Complete Rear Axle Rebuild.
-Fluid Change 138K (axles and transfer case).
-New U-Joints both shafts.
-Breather Lines raised and terminated well above engine level.
-(5) Level 8 Bully Pro 17x9 -12 offset - Perfect stance without needing spacers - tucks with no rub (141K).
-(5) Cooper Discoverer STT-Pro LT315/70R17 (35") (141k).

Off-Road Equipment/Armor:
-Slee Short Bus Front Bumper (Powder-Coated).
-HR Badlands 12K Winch.
-Custom Splice synthetic winch line.
-Factor 55 Pro-Link.
-4X4 Labs Rear Bumper-Tire w/ Hi-Lift Mount and Ladder Swing-Outs w/ 3-Jerry Can (Powder-Coated).
-OPOR Rock Sliders (POR15 w/ Rustoleum Satin Black Top Coat - easy to touch-up.
-Custom made Roof Rack w/ Trail-Tailor's gutter mounts (POR15 w/ Rustoleum Satin Black Top Coat).
-Custom Belly Plate/Transmission Mount/Armor - stupid heavy - 3/16" steel - can support entire rig.
-Hi-Lift Jack - 60".
-Custom Drawer System w/ 500lb locking sliders, Fridge Slide and made from Baltic Birch by Mitch in Wood Shop in High School. Proper size sub enclosure integrated into forward portion.

Electrical System:
-Dual Batteries Installed - One for start and one for house circuits.
-Blue Seas 7622ML ACR (automatic charging relay for batteries) w/ cab mounted "combine" switch.
-Big Three Upgrade with 1/0 Welding Cable.
-Dual Batteries wired with 1/0 Welding Cable.
-Winch Wired with 1/0 Welding Cable.
-150Amp Breakers used in all main feed circuits and between ACR/Batts.
-Custom Bus Fuse/Relay panel from Wired Wagon - All lights and accessories wired thru this - super clean installation.
-Military Style Battery Terminals.
-Wiper Fluid Reservoir Relocated for second battery installation.
-Full undercarriage LED Rock Lighting.
-Bumper Mounted LED Off-Road Lighting.
-Roof Rack Mounted LED Light Bar - front.
-Roof Rack Mounted LED Work Pods - rear.
-LED Tail Light Assemblies.
-LED Reverse Light Bulbs.
-7-Pin Trailer Harness in Bumper.
-Prewired for Trailer Brake Controller at Dash.

Audio System/Electronics:

-Ultra-Gauge EM Plus installed in front of gauge cluster. Real time temps, speed, OBD data, etc.
-Pioneer AVH-X3800BHS Head Unit.
-Reverse Camera displayed on unit.
-Bluetooth Audio and Phone Interface.
-USB Direct Connect to back of unit.
-JL Audio HD750/1 Class D Monoblock Subwoofer Amplifier.
-Rockford Fosgate P400X4 4-channel Stereo Amplifier.
-JL Audio HD-RLC Remote Subwoofer Controller mounted in center console blank.
-1/0, 2 and 4 Gauge Amplifier wiring and associated distribution blocks.
-Polk Audio DB651 6.5" Speakers in front and rear doors
-Dual-JL Audio 8W6 Subwoofers in proper sized ported enclosure (hidden in front portion of drawer system).
-RAAM Mat utilized throughout the cabin to help cut down on the resonance.

Interior Upgrades:
-Audi S5 Heated Sport Seats - perfectly matches interior color - can extend 4" further back than stock.
-Audi Seat Heater Switches mounted in center console in factory blanks.
-New JDM Celsior (LS400 in Japan) Wood/Leather Steering Wheel - direct replacement - got lucky.
-L/C Center Console swap.
-BH3D Dual Cup Holder adjacent to shifter.
-BH3D Cup Holder/Cubby insert for Center Console.
-BH3D Rear Dual Cup Holder.
-PFRAN LED Interior Lighting Kit.
-LED ARB Carling style switches used for all exterior lighting upgrades in factory blank locations.
-USB ports installed in dash and rear of center console.
-12v Hella Plug wired in Driver Rear Quarter for refrigerator - won't pop out like cig plug when bouncing around.
-Tinted Windows to Kansas legal limit.
-Husky Floor Liners.
-Cleaned & Lubed all window mechanisms and tracks-they work properly even in cold weather.
-Third Row Seats included but not installed

If you're still with me and not bored to tears then you've probably figured out that we don't do anything half-way. You will not find anything installed or modified that does not appear to have been installed that way from the factory. No dangling wires, rough cutting or "good enough" techniques applied. This has been a great learning experience for my son and keep in mind, this is his daily driver as well. It has to shine like a new car in the high school parking lot and not scare the parents of his girlfriends either.

The paint is original and shows absolutely no fading or damage and shines like new. We did add a black-out decal to the hood which can easily be removed if desired. It significantly helps reduce glare when the rack mounted light bar is turned on. After every outing, Mitch turns the sprinklers on the undercarriage to clean every last spec of dirt off it and polishes/waxes the exterior. The seats were sourced from a 2014 Audi S5 w/ 5k miles that was rear-ended and they look like new. These not only provide incredible support and comfort but they have integrated seat heaters and can extend 4 inches further back than the stock seats. The rear seats have been cleaned and conditioned since new and show no degradation of the hides and are still soft to the touch. The door panels, carpeting, headliner, wood trim, etc. are all in excellent condition with no apologies needed to be made. Cosmetically it truly is in fantastic shape.

I have not totaled up all the receipts and time we have put into this rig nor do I want to but I doubt I could replicate it anywhere close to the price we are asking let alone find an 80 this clean to build out. There is nothing on our "to do list", in our eyes, it's perfect in every way and believe it would be hard to find one like it anywhere. As you'll see in the pics, we have had a lot of fun with this 80 but in no way has it ever been abused or mistreated - this has not been used as a dedicated "trail rig" even though we built it to take whatever we could throw at it. If you're looking for an 80 to start driving and enjoying, then this is the one.

The pics in the aircraft hangar were shot 12/10/17. I've included additional pics of our adventures which span our ownership so you'll notice some slight variances in the configuration over the years.

Dropbox - LX450

Please don't hesitate to give me a ring if you have any further questions.

Thanks for your interest,
Dave and Mitch
816 – Eight Six Three - 8600

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Sorry to see this rig leave our group, but good luck Dave and Mitch!!
SOLD to Ryan and Family in UT. Glad she's heading to a great home and MUD member that'll put her to work in the proper environment.
I think this 80, in this condition, at this price, is going to seem like a real bargain in the not too distant future. My Cruiser is built almost mod for mod the same way as this one, and even though I don't think I'll ever sell it, it's good to see prices going the right way if you're an owner.

Congrats to both buyer and seller on this one!

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