'97 LX 450 rocks side to side at 80+MPH???

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the body rocks left to right, right to left, back and forth until speed is reduced below 80. Steering doesn't seem to be affected. Tires are 275/70/16.
Stock suspension? What type of tires? Any modifications to the truck? Is it worse when it's loaded? What year is your truck?

X2. If it is the stock suspension, then time to upgrade. The springs are too soft that is why I moved up to OME suspension kit.
Aaaaaand, are you driving in Oregon, down studded-tire rutted highways? (Check your wheel bearings for tightness as they may be wandering.)
1997 LX 450, 106K miles. Stock suspension. Michelin LTX M&S. Rocks slow like a boat. Vehicle was loaded with six passengers.
Maybe you should slow down some.
Haha, I was waiting for that! Actually my wife (lead foot) was driving at the time it happened. I was awoken in the back seat by the rocking motion.
1997 LX 450, 106K miles. Stock suspension. Michelin LTX M&S. Rocks slow like a boat. Vehicle was loaded with six passengers.

My guesses would be wore out shocks, loose bearings, wore out bushings... In that order. Do you notice any noises?

Maybe you should slow down some.

I was thinking the same thing, but I didn't want to be an ass... :flipoff2:
Boy, you've got to be kidding me. 6 People in the truck, wife driving and you're asleep in the back seat. And all you want to know is an answer to your "rocking truck" problem!:rolleyes: Please don't tell me there were kids in that truck!:frown:
I was refering to the steering stabilizer. I see alot of 80's with the Father Emu on there. Does this assist with the rocking motion I am experiencing?
Hard to judge from the post. It depends. I would ask some experts here to test drive it (ask around and find someone close to you and familiar to the vehicle). It could be normal. My LX always rocks. :flipoff2: One of the difference between LX and LC.
Steering Stablizer issue? IMO no. But I just put an OME SS on mine and like it better than the factory (different subject)

X2 on Creeper's thoughts.
road conditions, tire inflation, shocks, worn bushings in panhard/relays, broken/loose swaybar mounts, worn tires... so many possibilities...

check knuckle studs and loose wheel bearings... just go thru all the basics and tighten everything you see.
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I had that issue when I picked up my LX. It was scarry driving it back home from San Diego up to nothern cal. What I did to mine was swap the 2 brands of street tires the PO had with some goodyears MT\R I had laying around and that took care of the problem. The tires that where on my truck when I bought where some street generic brand. The truck felt very unstable at freeway speeds. What kind of tires are you running?


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