97 LC Spits Out CDs

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Mar 1, 2002
The CD deck in my wife's 40th Anniversary Edition won't accept CDs, it just spits them out and won't play them. Any ideas on what the problem could be or where to take for repairs?
not sure about the repair but you are probably gonna be better off buying aftermarket(alpine,sony,pioneer,etc)head unit in single din configuration and just replacing the factory unit as its not really worth repairing(considering the cost of a aftermarket unit vs repair.
Most stereo shops will have a plastic "pocket" that takes up the space left over when you remove the factory double din unit.They will also have a couple of plugs that fit the extra connectors at the harness at the back of the radio,allowing you to not change any wiring to the speakers.
One problem i came across was that the factory wire harness 12V+ wire was of insufficient size to carry enough current to run a modern 40 watt cd head unit.
It was simple enough to run one wire from the battery + and use an aftermarkey relay switched from the original harness 12V+ (to keep it on/off with the key)and now the relay supplied 12v+ is sufficient for the current load that the cd head unit needs.
This info about the insufficient current from the factory 12V+ wire came directly from christos newbie guide(and i had to try to wire mine up with the factory wire-nope-didnt work)then go back in the dash the next evening and redo it with the 12V+ from the battery.Then go back in the dash a week later cause i was tired of forgetting to turn the radio off(because of the direct 12v+)and wire in the relay to switch the 12V+ on/off with the key.

hope that helps and i am sure others will chime in with their experiences

I've got the same vehicle - same problem. I noticed that it seems to happen mostly with cd's that I have created. Also, any cd's with labels just about won't work at all. What I do is just keep shoving them back in until the cd finally gives up and plays them. In desperation at times I put my finger over the slot and don't let them reject. Sometimes it gives up that way and plays. So far haven't seen any smoke. When I do I will take Doug's advice and get a new one.
I like it, when in doubt, get Western with it... :eek:

76FJ40 (My favorite FJ40 year by the way.) I concur with the advice of replacing the unit. My father in law had the same problem, and the cost of repairing the factory unit is prohibitive as compared to the cost of a good quality aftermarket head unit.

In desperation at times I put my finger over the slot and don't let them reject. Sometimes it gives up that way and plays.

That made me chuckle. I do exactly the same thing. Once the machine knows whose boss it behaves again for a week or so..

Cheers, JIm
I"ve been researching new stereo system as my '94's speakers are shot. Single din is the ONLY way to go. Not worth repairing head unit as new ones are so much better and inexpensive. &nbsp:Dash plate for single din with storage tray below runs about $30-40 as I remember and wiring harness was only $10-15 I think. You can get a reasonable head unit for around $200.

Interesting comments about self made CD's and ones with homemade labels not playing. My unit plays ones my kid's have burned for me complete with labels just fine.
 Dash plate for single din with storage tray below runs about $30-40 as I remember and wiring harness was only $10-15 I think.  You can get a reasonable head unit for around $200.

You should not have to pay more than $20 for the adapter including the pocket.....

They will get you straight. Not the cheapest, but the service is exceptional.
>> Sometimes it gives up that way and plays. <<



"They..." <=== Who?

My head unit is about to give up the ghost as well...
But I'm wondering why everyone wants a single din. Why not do a double din? Or is the toy unit more like a din and 1/2?

Double dins run about $500 from what I've been told. For that price you can get a very good single din head unit and a separate equalizer if you wanted and still be money ahead of a double din. They just aren't that popular anymore.
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everybody have a nice weekend(time for me to get the boat out from under the carport and check the trailer bearings/brakes)then with any luck get it cleaned/shined on sunday

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Re: 97 LC Spits Out CDs (double- DIN's)

I was thinking a double DIN, but none of them I saw had removeable faceplates and there was not much selection- plus the salesman said they were 'magnets' for scumbags. They were all really silver and shiny- looking, too- So I went the single DIN/ pocket route- plus XM satellite radio.
Ditto the hardwire to 12V at the battery. The trick is also, if you have a high- powere unit, to plumb into the factory wiring after the factory amp- bypassing it to get it to work. I am perfectly happy with the factory spealers and no they have not fried yet- HTH-
Landtank knows whats up, my cd player just started to crap out on me too. I have a single din alpine and I am going to purchase a cobra special 29 cb radio that is single din size and shove both of them in the dash and have it all pretty and stuff.

I'm running a alpine CD head unit (powered off the power & accessory line) to an alpine 6-CD changer, then a soundstream 200w 5-ch amp, which is run off a separate 8 ga. power line (via a large fuse directly to the battery) to the a/d/s speakers. If you get the a/d/s speakers, get the ones w/ separate tweaters. I have one pr. each of ones w/ separate and integrated tweaters. The separate ones are far, far better, worth the extra $$.

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