97 FZJ80 TACH Stopped Working

Nov 1, 2003
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Any ideas... Well the tach does show some RPMS at higher RPMS but they are incorrect so the needle does move up and down. The dealer says I need a new instrument panel... speedo and tach (all that jazz) $450 plus about 3 hours of labor. Is this a common problem??? It only has 54K on the LC. Also does anyone know where I can find a instrument panel cheaper than my local dealer


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Mar 27, 2003
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Welcome J.

450 bucks buys you only the tach. It is an 83242-6A200 and Toyota's suggested list price is $464.48

Tach failure is not common but it is possible to have a bad one. There isn't a good way to try to fix it, if it is malfunctioning you will need a replacement. 95-97 use the same tach. You may be able to find a used one at a wercking yard. Expect to pay about half the cost of a new one, IF they will split it up and sell just the tach.

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