97 FZJ80 Another new owner - Bumper question

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Dec 3, 2003
I got my 97 TLC at end of October with 74k mi, black, very clean (no evidence of prior abuse - no rock dings etc) probably still a virgin. Pretty much loaded - lockers, racks, leather - all the goodies - but dented bumpers - front in the middle and rear on the left side (may be fixable). I have that cow pusher grill guard but it was not on when the previous owner bumped into a station wagon - Anyways rather than replace the center piece I was thinking of selling the grill guard and getting an aftermarket bumper. I like the Slee but it doesn't seem to cover as much down low (from the pictures) The ARB looks cool too especially on the black truck (thanks for the pics - previous post 'How much does an ARB really weigh') and has additional protection. So here's my questions:

1 Are there any pros or cons to one or the other - or is it mostly just style?

2 There is a more subdued looking ARB for the 100 series (kind of looks like a Slee, just more polished up) does this exist for the 80 series?

3. Does anyone make a front skid plate/rock guard? ( and is this something to have?)

Thanks very much! I have been lurking for a while and this site really does rock!
If you live in deer country get the ARB
Slee is working on a skidplate, look in the mystery part post
Welcome. :flipoff2:

I like my ARB. That is all. :D
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Welcome. :flipoff2:

I like my ARB. That is all. :D
Your BLUE letters in the sig lines sucks, you kan't read it :flipoff2:
"97", "black"........ :eek:

What's the 10th digit of the vin?

What's the paint code?

10th digit is a V. (if you count the letters too) Does that mean I won a free bumper????! Don't tell me there is some kind of recall !! :doh: I don't know the paint code offhand, but there are two spots where it looks like the coverage was not complete or maybe was buffed out a little too deeply.
"V" is a 97 but only 96's were painted black by the factory. Is it an LX450?

Black paint code is 202

I know I am a newbie so I could be wrong, but 96 was the last year the black 'package' was offered. After that (97) black was simply a color option - this is according to research I did before purchase and could perhaps duplicate if nec (tomarrow). Also I looked at over a dozen cruizers before purchasing mine - I did see two other 97s that were black - OK I just found the original window sticker and it says Color: Black /LB42 (0202/42)

so what about bumpers?

Welcome. Pretty smart the way you CYA by quoting a thread.

Black is a good color. Of course, mine is a '96 so it is the real black. If you want to be really cool, get some factory steelies and paint them black.

Oh yeah :flipoff2:

If you only have deer only in your area get ARB.
If bigger then Slee will work as hitting a Moose with a ARB will not help you.
What do you want in a bumper?

That is wild. According to the parts catalogs July 96 was the last month for black. Yours is the first one I have heard of.

About bumpers. The Slee is deceiving in regards to lower coverage. It is more sloped to allow a better approach angle but is not any higher than an ARB.
The ARB has more upper protection than a Slee. Afterall, it was designed to deflect Kangaroos. The Slee has much better recovery points and is designed to fit a 12K Warn winch. The ARB was not intended to to fit larger than a 10K but it can be easily modified to fit one.

IMHO, a Slee with an ARB-type upper would be ideal for someone who goes "deer hunting".
If you plan to wheel hard, the Slee is better. If you are going to flatten various animals, get an ARB.

No modifcations are necessary to the ARB to fit the Warn M12000. The roller fairlead must have two holes drilled to fit the bar and the solenoid pack must be angled back or otherwise relocated to get out of the way of the driver's side light tab on the ARB.
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Your BLUE letters in the sig lines sucks, you kan't read it :flipoff2:[/quote]

It's not his color that sucks, it's him that sucks. :flipoff2: :eek: :D :D :D He knows I'm only kidding.

I've had both the ARB and the Slee front bumpers on my truck. They are both great. For wheeling, it's hard to beat the Slee. For running into deer and trees, the ARB has worked great (note: I had the old slee bumper that did not have any tube on it).

Fit wise, the Slee bumper can not be beat.
Being the second owner of Junk's slee I can vouche for the fit and the build quality of Slee's stuff.

If it can survive Junk, it is worth it.
[quote author=DanKunz link=board=2;threadid=8363;start=msg70943#msg70943 date=1070505973]
If it can survive Junk, it is worth it.[/quote]
:flipoff2: :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :cheers:
[quote author=cruiserdan link=board=2;threadid=8363;start=msg70871#msg70871 date=1070499167]

That is wild. According to the parts catalogs July 96 was the last month for black. Yours is the first one I have heard of.


I'm one of the other black '97's that must have slipped through unnoticed. The cool thing is the only bad decision the PO did was get the factory luggage rack (seems like most of us got that though) and no lockers. But I'm still working on the lockers and next summer the rack will get aced out and the holes filled. At least I don't have to peel off gold emblem crap or woodgrain dash junk or the rear wing since mine was fairly base model versus some of the ones with all the goodies.
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Your BLUE letters in the sig lines sucks, you can't read it (I edited your spelling)[/quote]

Is this better?
[quote author=Junk link=board=2;threadid=8363;start=msg70940#msg70940 date=1070505773]
It's not his color that sucks, it's him that sucks. He knows I'm only kidding.

I do? :flipoff2: :D :D
Cdan - was that a production date? If so, it may well be that Toyota was building '97 models during July 1996. Not sure if that's relevant, but they may have completed whatever '97 updates were happening for the 97MY and started slapping new VIN plates on them by July.

Yes it was, I surmise that is the case. Usually Cruiser year model changes are later than that, EG the 95 coming out in Jan 95 production. It would be interesting to know the production dates on the examples un-earthed it this thread. IF they are July 96 Then that was a transition month. If they are later than that the catalogs are WRONG :eek:

A black 97 should be a VERY rare bird... :beer:


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