For Sale 97 collectors edition nicely built 7,000/BO (Socal)

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United States
Hi folks. I regretted selling my last 80 and will regret selling this one. Sometimes life dictates things that we don't like.
Edit: I would consider taking 5k in cash plus a smaller vehicle, preferably Japanese....

The Good:

-1997 Collectors Edition
-Two tone Gray with Oak interior (quite possibly the rarest and most desirable color combination)
-Disco Cup holder
-Aussie locked rear (works flawlessly)
-Pin 7 + CDL
-ARB non winch bumper with AC skid
-Slee headlight harness + Aux harness
-Slee step sliders
-Slee transfer case skid plate
-Rear DVD entertainment system (for the kiddos)
-TJM lift with newish factory shocks.
-Airlift airbags in rear coils
-750w power inverter located in rear quarter panel wired to plugs in cargo area
-On board compressor in rear quarter panel with air plumbed to a quick disconnect in the right rear cubby.
-Extra power ports X3 One on passenger side, one in second row and one in third row.
-All power to the rear provided by a ginormous cable (with fuse) that used to power a big amp. Aux Fuse block in rear panel and under center console.
-Cobra 19 Ultra (weather capable) CB with antenna
-100w inverter in dash (see pic above radio)
-Temp gauge mod...Never overheats
-130w KC Aux lights wired into modded heater switch (see dash pic, top left) Left position they come on with the brights, center is off, right position they come on by themselves. Very bright!
-285 Liberator ATs with about 60% tread. These handle great on all surfaces and wheel reasonably well. 285 spare as well.
-AC blows very cold
-Above average seat condition for its mileage--no rips and they look pretty good too.
-No Leaks

-Entire EGR system replaced at 160k
-New front Rotors at 195k
-Dist O-ring replaced at 195k
-Wheel bearings repacked at 195k
-Rear hatch handle replaced at 166k
-Rear windshield wiper mechanism replaced at 166k
-New U-joints front and rear at 175k
-Rear Main replaced at 175k
-New belts at 195k
-New Idler pulley at 195k
-New AC condenser and recharge at 186k
-Original head gasket with no issues
-New windshield wipers at 202k
-New Starter contacts at 175k
-New lights in all switches and Climate control unit.
-I am sure I am forgetting something, but I'll check my log book and see what else I did..
Parts included:
-New toyota thermostat and gasket
-one set of warped front rotors (plenty of wear left on them, I just didn't have time to have them turned..
-Landtank seat brackets with all hardware
I think I have some other parts that I haven't hung yet--I'll update as I find them

The Bad:

-Couple small wheeling dents--you seriously have to look for them to see them.
-A couple small rust spots on the rear hatch
-This has been wheeled a lot. The armor has taken the brunt of the damage, but there is some rock rash on the diffs, the control arm mounts and the frame.
-The exhaust is bent in a couple places from rocks as well
-Missing passenger side rear flare (see pic)
-Check engine light on. I had an muffler shop replace the section of pipe behind the cats after it broke in half (on a rock) and they didn't have the correct bung for the O2 sensor. As such, it is tied up out of the way and I haven't got around to ordering the bung from Slee. As such, it probably won't pass smog in CA until that is fixed. It is currently registered in Idaho, so I wasn't too worried. No other CEL issues though.
-A good bit of surface rust underneath from being in VA, but I washed it regularly and there is no cancer.
-Burns a quart every 2000 miles or so.
-Occasionally fails to crank but always cranks with a few more key twists... never left me stranded.

Bottom line: A very nicely appointed 80 that drives like a dream, wheels like a champ and that I regularly drive on multi-day trips. Nothing wrong with it other than what I stated, just selling as part of a financial adjustment.

Please PM me or post questions here. If you would like to discuss in detail, call me at 208-596-8800.



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Almost forgot, second row reclining hinges as well....


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