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Oct 11, 2010
San Diego, CA
United States
NEW PRICE! I'm asking $18,000 for my truck. My first price was a "fine honey, I'll put it up for sale. This price is now, "ok honey, I'll actually sell the cruiser." I'm now HIGHLY MOTIVATED to sell this rig, lets make a deal.

Here is my thread on MUD -

It took me almost a year to post this for sale. Reality has made it obvious that I need to pass this on to someone who can enjoy it. I know I'm going to regret this, but such is life.

Below is the craigslist ad copied and pasted. Craigslist is acting up for me right now -

Who -
I'm Mike, I've owned this Toyota Land Cruiser since Oct 2010.

What -
I'm selling my 1997 Toyota Land Cruiser that I've spent 3 years and over $75K building a comfortable and capable Expedition / Rock Crawler rig. I'm the second owner and bought the truck with 204k miles in it's stock form. Currently the truck has 230k on it. I'll do the math for you, that's just 26k miles on the rebuilt/ supercharged motor. There is a laundry list of modifications that I paid professionals to install. Please see the list below. Also please note the cost of each modification is WITHOUT labor included. If you were to build this truck like mine, it would cost you $35,000 plus tax, plus shipping and plus labor to install (unless you own or run a shop and if that's the case you're not looking at my truck anyway).

When - As soon as possible.

Where - I live in North County SD and work in Mission Valley. I'm currently driving this truck back and forth to work because the San Diego Chargers facility is next to my work and I'm hoping one of those guys sees my truck and has to have it.

Why - This is the hard part for me. I built this truck with the intentions of keeping it forever, there were zero compromises when building this truck. It's basically been rebuilt from the axles up. That being said, I have zero time to wheel this rig. When I built this I had 1 little girl, now I have 3 (2 of which are under 2yrs old). That being said, this truck sits in my driveway 11 months out of a year. I'll probably build another rig when my girls get older, but that's many years down the road.

Check out the videos of the truck in action -

Dusy Ershrim trail - Big Bear (Dishpan trail) - Superstition - Trail 13 -

Things that need fixed:

The truck needs a new brake booster and front rotors (rotors and pads 12/27) . Cruise control stick needs to be reinstalled bought a new steering wheel but it didn't have cruise control). Steering sector shaft needs to be replaced as there is a small twist in the spline that makes the steering wheel off kilter a bit. The driver front tire is wearing unevenly, I would have the alignment checked after the steering sector shaft is fixed. 2nd battery in the dual battery system is dead. It was a bad battery from Optima but it's over a year old so they wont replace it.

Here is a link to an album of current pics of my truck -

I took the liberty to break down the major modifications with pricing so you can see the value of this truck.

1997 Land Cruiser
230k miles - $4000
AC blows cold
Custom cloth front seats - $500
Alpine touch screen / GPS - $800 -
6 speaker stereo system with amp - $500
Custom mounted 8" sub where OEM sub w/ amp - $1000
JDM Dash cup holder - $75 -
Scan gauge - $159 -
CB w/ antenna - $75 -

WagonGear tailgate lid - $530 -
ARB dual compressor - $544.50 -
Window Tint - $250
HID headlights - $500 -
4 Rigid Dually LED flood lights (2 floods) on bumper and 2 spots sitting on a shelf - $440 -
MT tube bumper with small stinger - $649 -
Optima Dual Batteries (red and yellow) - $330 -
IMS smart battery system - $460 -
Slee wiring harness - $48 -
TRD supercharger - $3375 -
Rebuilt motor at 204k - $3000
Jegs Oil seperator - $79
Snorkle - 395 -
Aluminum Luvers in hood - $75
MetalTech sliders w/ accessory mount- $980 - and
MetalTech Castor correction plates - $140 -
4" King springs (Australia) - $500 (TFR-69C and KTRR-70C)
Radflow 2.5" reseviour shocks - $1600 (800 for front - and (800 for rears -
Slee adjustable panhard front and back - $500 -
Slee adjustable upper rear control arms - $459 -
1" wheels spacers - $100
1" roger brown body lift - $100
4" extended brake SS brake lines - $200
Iron pig skid plate - $345 -
Wholesale transmission, extreme valvebody, extreme torque converter - $7500 -
LandTank extended rear control arms - $200
4x4 Labs rear bumper with dual swing outs (tire carrier and 3 jerrycan holder) - $2000 -
4.88 R&P - $460 -
Transmission lock up switch - $210 -
Trailer brake controller - $75
JDM hand throttle - $51 -
JDM Aux Fan - $300
KM2 (5) - $1700 -
New Radiator - $379 -
New front axle spindles - $200
rebuilt front axle - $1500
new theromostat - 1$5 -
new water pump - $79
10k engo winch - $425 -
LED tail lights - $125
dyna mat throughout - $300
insulated floorboards - $150
LED interior lights - $100
The above list totals $35455 but doesn't include tax, shipping or labor and will put you well north of 50k, all I want is $18k.
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Oct 11, 2010
San Diego, CA
Open to trades for a 100 series.

Funny story, I received an offer of "I have 2.5k to buy your Sub". I told him he was missing a zero and it's a land cruiser... ahhh craigslist.
Jun 28, 2014
Holy s***. I'd thought the first price was unfortunately way to high but this is absurdly low.

Just chiming in wishing you good luck with sale. It's a sad state of affairs when this is all you can recover (hopefully) from such an awesome build.

I bought a built cruiser back in the middle of July and had this been around at this price I'd have snatched this up in a heartbeat instead. I wouldn't say it makes me regret my purchase at the price I paid but it does make me hate how timing works out sometimes.

Edit- In other news I only watched the first of the videos but fire the guy picking the soundtrack. :cheers:
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Oct 11, 2010
San Diego, CA
thanks for the kind words. You realize that I'm now kicking myself for not getting this out there sooner. I guess everything happens for a reason...

Based on the very little attention I received with my first price, I'd say I'm at the sweet spot as there are a lot more inquiries coming in.
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Feb 19, 2013
Wish this were something I could pull off. Anyone know of a way to finance a purchase like this? Have great credit but last time I asked my bank about financing a car it had to be 2006 or newer and that was in 2012. Normally wouldn't even consider but between soaking the additional $$ into my truck then shipping it to the west coast in June vs purchasing this and selling mine... This makes more sense.

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