97 Blk w/Diff lock for $15,000 108k mi

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Sep 2, 2003
I have finally found a 97 LC with 108k mi for 15k. It is One owner vehicle and carfax certified. Bonus is it has Diff lock. Color is Black with tan leather. Still negotiating over the price to include for the shipping. I might just get this one. The owner seems a decent guy who just purchased brand new Landcruiser and he does not like it more than the 80series. He said the low end torque is not there compare to Inline 6.
Well, he is getting the new brakes all around, check on Diff fluid this week, and I hope I can close the deal on early next week.
:) :D :D
[quote author=410225 link=board=2;threadid=5111;start=msg39429#msg39429 date=1063131121]
Bonus is it has Diff lock. [/quote]

Just a minute there Tonto. Be very carefull when you take that to mean that it has both front and rear locking differentials. Quite a few have been fdabbed by a comment like that. Every 97 has a locking diff. Question is, does it have one (the center) or all 3 (center, front and rear). :-\

Just make sure you KNOW what you are getting. :flipoff2:
You said carfax was good, does that mean you have the vin?

If so, PM it to me and I'll run it and see about the locks.

Note on Carfax, it will NOT show if the car was ever in an accident, fixed for the owner, but never totalled. It can even include major accidents.

With the 80 very few of them were totalled in the early years due to the high cost of the vehicle.

Did you have the truck inspected, or did you look at it? I would never buy a truck just from photo's. That is just me.
Ok...I have a quick question and I think I already know thw answer, but when I switch the Transfer case down to Low range, a light comes on in the dash instrument cluster that says "DIFF LOCK". What is any different than whae in High? I can tell that there is less limited slip, and it feels like the front is locked but I don't think it is the real deal.
I -

In a stock truck, the center diff will only lock with the transfer case in Low - just as you described. With the transfer case in High, the center diff will not lock (the dash light goes out)... in a stock truck.

In the Cruisers delivered to most countries outside North America, there was a dash switch available that allowed the operater to override this behavior, and lock the diff while in High as well - a modification most of us have done.

... but as Junk pointed out, this is the Center Diff / transfer case we're talking about. The front and rear axle diffs / locks is a different matter altogether.

Good luck !

R -
Ok... That makes sense... If I wanted to do the modification myself (to add ARB air lockers), is it something that I might be able to do or would it be best to take it to someone who is more experienced? I think that there is some drilling etc that has to be done, maybe simply to attatch hoses or something like that to the axle. I would really be afraid of screwing something up. Don't the lockers have to be added to all three diff's??? Would I have to go inside the transfer case?
Take it to a shop and get it done right. Beware of shops that SAY they can get it right. Get it done some place like at Christo's or some place where you hear from other cruiserheads that they are satisfied with the work. I've had mine installed and reinstalled several times due to orig install, gear changes, problems etc. I haven't found a place close to me yet that has a frickin clue what they are doing with ARB's.
Let me know where it is...I can go "look" at it for you :flipoff2:

You gonna wheel it? if so...make sure diff locks are there.
Well since I am in SE Texas, I would have to plan a pretty good road trip to go see Cristo. I have thought about doing just that and even talked to them about it. They said that if I have a time scheduled with them, they could probably have everything completed in a day or two. I would of course have several other things all done at that time. Perhaps I wil wait until I am ready to bite the bullet and go on with the 5" suspension lift including all of the other mods required to make it RIGHT.

I figured that adding ARB Lockers was an intensive job and that I should have it done by the right people. I'll get by till then...I don't do any rock crawlin wheeling so I usually keep all wheels on the ground but lockers sure could help in the mud and sand especially when traction gets uneven. I'm getting a new 12K Waren so I will have all confidence that I can make it through most situations.
For backcountry mobility in sand and mud, I'd get a lift and tires LONG before a winch. Particularly disagreeing with a winch on stock suspension as the wrong direction, BTW.


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