SOLD 97 40th anniversary Land cruiser

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United States
Clean title under my name,smogged,193xxx miles.All stock 3x locked,AC and heater work perfectly.Front seats needs attention,interior is decent dash doesn’t have any cracks,all power windows and door works.No engine oil leaks and tranny and lockers works.New water pump,thermostat and new oil seal for oil pump and new belts.Has some exterior issues such as scratches on the driver front door and the driver side rear roof has a dent on the top area ,front passenger fender flare has scratches and needs gasket.No under carriage rust,no exhaust leaks,brakes are good and handbrake is good,all electric lights are working,antenna motor working but antenna needs to be replace.Stock radio working and CD.Has original manual.Original factory alarm working.Located in San Jose CA Asking $10K
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Not related to the sale but did someone scratch their name in the side of it ?
Is the valve cover JB Welded on?

Also looks like both front fenders are dented...?
One of the bolts for the valve cover broke just need to take it off and put the replacement bolt and both fenders are dented.

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