96 with 155k oil consumption

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Jun 25, 2003
Okinawa, Japan
i'm lookin at buying a 96 FZJ 80 with 155k miles on it and the beast drinks about 1 quart of oil every 3,000 miles.... no leaks under it what do ya think it could be????

the price is right do you think i should buy it and just hope it is an easy fix??
i'm lookin at buyin tommrow


Toyota considers up to one quart per 1,000 miles normal. So, this particular vehicle is using 1/3 the maximum allowable oil.

thanks dan i'll soon be an 80 owner then!!!!!!!!!!!!


Toyota is known to burn oil since the early models, so 155K and 1 qt per 3K is nothing. I am sure my 100 with 56K will be using up that much at least.
Make no mistake, Toyota is no Honda, there will be lost oil:)
Thanks funny Mish, when I first read about his 1 quart every 3k I thought that was a little high. Not that it's a problem but I'm not used to seeing that kind of consumption on my Toyotas. Some with as much as 200k on the odometer.

So what 4.5 liter honda are you driving anyway?
I do not have any hondas right now, however owned 3 new Hondas throughout the years and was very happy. If it was not for Honda's dull model selection and constant lack of those in stock....
I kinda ran into whole bunch of oil consuming Toyota's though:
1983 Celica Supra (1 qt/500mi), very unreliable car if you ask me.
1986 Celica 8 valve (it was simply terrible!)
1989 MR2 S/C much fun, but also noy without surprises.
1994 Camry 2.2L, 1qt+/2K miles, it was like new with 70K miles.
If you look closer to any 1992-96 Celica 4 Cyl., it will blow oli smoke ever morning start cold for about 10 sec.

I am not trying to make any statement, but I always had very good luck with old Hondas and oil inside of them:)
On oil consumption, I had a 1991 Honda Civic LX with a 1.5 liter that always gave back the same amount I put in. I have never bothered to measure what the Cruiser gives back, but have only had the oil light come on once.

I much prefer my oil-eating and fire-breathing (I wish...) Cruiser, than that old Civic. No comparison...
Reply to Dan-1 qt/3000 is fine but have the compression tested prior to purchase. Mine uses much less than this but only has 80K miles.

Reply to Mish-

Posted by: mish Posted on: Today at 07:53:36am
Toyota is known to burn oil since the early models

What? My 80 uses no oil on the dipstick between 5000 mile changes, our '04 Sienna V-6 uses no oil in 5000 mile changes, and my 60 uses 1 quart in 3000 miles, but has 200K on the odometer. I've also owned 2 Tercels and a Corolla none of which used any oil to speak of. I certainly don't think of Toyota's as oil burners. I agree, though, that Hondas use no oil at all. My '94 Acura was unreal in that regard.
Don't know about those older toyotas but I had both a 92 w125k and a 96 86k Camry with the 2.2. Changed oil every 5k and always less than a quart low. My brother has a 94 3.0 with over 200k and changed his oil the same with the same results. Those are the high mileage ones, I also own a 96 4runner w/83k on the 4 cyl with the same consumption.
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