For Sale 96 TLC w/Lockers in WA $9500

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96 TLC w/Lockers in OR $9500

I am putting out a feeler for selling my 96 TLC. I am the 3rd owner and have the maintenance records from the 2nd owner who owned the vehicle for most of its life down in Florida. It was a mall machine. I picked it up from Jacksonville before I moved out to WA with the military. I am moving back to Jacksonville and that is why I am thinking about selling, it just won't get used the way I was wanting to down there.

169,XXX miles
Working lockers F & R
7 Pin Mod W/CDL Switch
OME 5" Competition Lift from Man a Fre
5 Yokohama Geolander AT/S (315/75/16) ~ 90%
Newly Installed Leather Kit from Shane at AATLAS1X all 3 rows w/seat heaters(not yet wired)
New Sears Platinum Battery
SLEE Head Light Harness
All Fluids are full synthetic
JVC CD Player with Blaupunkt door speakers

I took off all the plastics, welded holes and it is currently primered black. I was going to get front and rear armor and paint, but have decided to hold off until deciding if I am going to sell or not.

Items Fixed while I have owned it:
New Starter
New VSV for the EGR and new vacuum lines
New computer for airbag operation

Known Issues:
Upper Oil pan leak
Puff of smoke on start-up. Was going to replace valve guide seals, but I talked to Dan at American Toyota and he said I might as well to the HG at the same time. Since I have no issues with the head gasket i was going to wait until it was necessary as opposed to doing the valve guide seals only.

Vehicle runs great and is my daily driver for a 16 mile round trip to work and back. Plus trips around the northwest. Please call or email for more information.
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How close are you to Sacramento?
acflyguy18 said:
Any feedback is welcome...

Considering the paint, maintenance needed and lack of a bumper, my opinion is that the price is quite high.
Stylo07, I can understand your line of reasoning. However, in my experience, folks who put this size lift generally put their own armor on and are not overly concerned about a pretty vehicle to start with. As far as maintenance, I don't use much more oil than the fairly standard 1qt per 3K. Again that is why I am asking for input/offers.
Good points! Those were just my two cents. I wish you luck with your sale!
Gives you more control of how the lockers work. Do a search for 7 pin mod to get a more complete description.

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