'96 TLC Locked $6,000

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United States
***SOLD***'96 TLC Locked $6,000

1996 80 Series Toyota Land Cruiser $6000 185K miles
Factory lockers, dark green with blue/grey lower and flares. Grey leather interior. Completely stock.

Damage to front end from light collision, did not deploy airbags. Needs bumper, lower valance, grill, headlights, one corner light, and hood. Other exterior problems not related to the accident are broken antenna mast and damaged right rear bumper end (fixable). Paint on flares is sun damaged. Arizona car, no rust. Interior looks good except for the driver's seat which has split the seam on the lower cushion and the leather looks aged, and the wood grain plastic stuff looks like crap. Seat covers from GT are on the way for front and middle rows.

Engine runs fine. Tranny shifts slow from 1st to 2nd.

I bought this one for the wife, then immediately found another one that needs less work for her. I'm asking what I paid. If it doesn't sell, I'll fix it and sell it for substantially more. I'd prefer to sell it now, I don't have the time for another project. If you can do the work or know someone who can, it's a cheap way to get into an 80. PM or email me at benell@cox.net

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hey, can you sent me pics?
sc40 said:
hey, can you sent me pics?

Sure, PM me an e-mail addy.


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