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Apr 21, 2009
Hi everyone,

Just joined the lancruiser family last week ! I'm trying to pinpoint the source of an engine oil leak that drips when the engine is running, I cleaned the engine underside with simple green and a rag and saw that
My new (to me) cruiser is leaking oil from behind the crankshaft pulley, I thought it might be a front main seal at first but It also looks like it might be more towards the power steering pump though.

Is the p.s. pump driven by the engine belts or some other way off the engine block? theres a little flat pulley on the front of the pump but it has hardly any tension on it so I am doubting that the belts are driving it.

thanks for the help
Search oil pump seal and distributer seal.
Check both of these as well.
Most of my front oil leak was the distributer seal that ran down everywhere.

PS leak should be a different color from engine oil?

I was busy searching and found that my leak seems to be the one that pple have found come from the oil pump seal, I'll be looking for getting the parts together to fix it soon. thanks for the repy.
just so your know the power steering pump on the 1FZ is driven by the gear train inside the front engine cover housing. Yes i know, gear drive p.s., dosent get much more bad ass than that.

let me find some pics of this...
P.S. drive gear





hope these pics help.
the 1FZ is built like a diesel engine, i just had to say that. I origionally was a jeep guy when I turned 16, but I converted, first with a 4runner then an 62. Never been better....for the most part, the dame things dont break. just change the fluids.


Thanks for the pics and reply, glad you took the time to take some pics during your rebuild.

THat engine is beefy.
My new (to me) cruiser is leaking oil from behind the crankshaft pulley, I thought it might be a front main seal at first but It also looks like it might be more towards the power steering pump though.

High mileage 1FZ-FE engines are starting to leak at 3 places in the general area of where you are describing.
1. The oil pump O-ring.
2. The front pan arch
3. The front crank seal.

To remove the oil pump cover and replace the O-ring you have to remove the crank pulley so you might as well replace the front crank seal while you have gone to all the trouble to get to it. They are not spendy.

Once you have the front crank pulley removed you can inspect the front pan arch but a proper resealing is a major job. When I did my front crank seal, I just added some black Toyota FIPG to the pan arch in hopes this would slow down the oil seepage from that area.

I believe it was Zane that did an excellent job with the write-up and pics of his PS O-ring repair. Shipwreck's thread also has some good pics amongst all the HG and block pics.


Thanks for the tips, I am running out today to get the oil pump seal and crankshaft seal. my dealer is out of the philips head bolts so its off to the hardware store to source some m6x12 fasteners. I called american toyota but they will not ship outside the continental u.s. bummer.

I read on some of the posts that the oil pan is really tough to do, sometimes gotta have a new pan on hand as the old one can get destroyed getting it off.

Ill be sure to add some sealant to the front arch like you suggested, cant hurt.
glad the photos helped a little. I took a ton of pictures of my recent involvment in the engine replacement in a fzj80. Really an impressive vehicle.
If you need a photo for the front half of an fzj80 chances are they are on my photobucket.
Morris FZJ80 pictures by NateFrame69 - Photobucket

also lots of other s*** on there.
Wow, That engine replacement looks like it took a lot of man hours.

What was the donor engine out of? Manual transmission? I thought I saw a pressure plate.

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