96 landcruiser for sale, good price??

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Well "GOOD" by KBB is $6400, so I would print out from KBB.com and show to him. If you REALLY want this one you may have to pay his asking price, but I think he's too high.

Although if it has full records and you can see that it's been well maintained it could garner the "EXCELLENT" price of $7000

Use comperables in your negotiations; just show him what other similar LC's are going for and not just the KBB value. I just bought an 80 and I was able to get it for 2K below asking just by showing him what other similar LC's were going for.
Almost 2 years ago i paid $6400 for a 96 in the exact same condition, a few less miles and a one owner. It had been driven back and forth from DC to Nashville several times a year and was well maintained. I woulndn't pay over KBB for any car over 10 years old unless it had a ton of extras.
If you can get a $2500 rebate from him solely for the fact that it has chrome rims, then the price would be right. :D
Price is a tad to high for 180k 96. I would not pay more than $6500 unless he can show you all the maintenance that has been done including brake, cooling system, birfield repack etc.

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