96 FZJ80 Engine/transmission/transfer case 125K (1 Viewer)

Feb 13, 2007
Alaska & Montana
I have the engine out of a 1996 fZJ80 for sale with 125k on the drivetrain. The engine includes transmission and transfer case still bolted together. Also ECU, wiring harness, alternator, ac pump are still on the engine. the engine is in my garage in Montana and I would like to see it go. Come pick it up for $850 and it's yours.
Sep 16, 2004
Sorry I havent been on mud in a while and forgot about this. I didn't intend to take a spot in line if someone is ready with cash. My brother has an 80 and lives in Belgrade and I though he might want a spare drivetrain. For the price it would be hard to beat. I'd love to have it in my 40, but I just don't have time to do it right now.


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