For Sale 96 FJZ 80, Flagstaff AZ

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United States

226,000 miles. Originally from Colorado Springs, now in Flagstaff. I am the 3rd owner (owned since 2011 and ~180k). I don't necessarily want to sell, but I'm into a Tundra and can't do both rigs.

The good:
Runs great. Excellent maintenance since I've owned it (I have all records, oil changed every 3k). Replaced front and rear seals (2011), new brakes (rotors/pads; 2015). 2.5" OME installed by Slee in 2014. Bumpit off road tube bumper installed 2016, ready for your winch. I have the 3rd row seats that match (gray leather). Set up to tow. No frame rust.

The not so good:
Clear coat is faded on hood, and some on roof. Small body rust spot on upper rear door/hatch. Small pinhole on top of gas tank. EGR code (401) is on - plenty of this on the threads. Stitching on drivers seat is coming apart.

Feel free to ask questions. I'll get back to you ASAP.





Seen your other ad and sent you an email through there. Definitely interested.
Not seeing it in the description; lockers?

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