craigslist 96 fj80 w/factory lockers for sale

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United States
**Updated Price- $7500**

I need to part with my 96 Cruiser in the interest of financial solvency. I am the third owner and have kept it very well maintained. It was purchased for my wife originally, so it has not been off-road much at all. It is 100% other than a K & N filter and Edelbrock shocks. Here's the rundown: 187k miles, grey/grey leather, sunroof, towing package, roof rack, 3rd row seating, 10 speaker sound w/ CD. It also has the factory lockers.

Recent (within last 6 months) includes: full tune up (cap, rotor, plugs, wires, etc.), throttle body serviced, new belts, PCV valve and tubing, new valve cover gasket, new 60k A/T tires, new muffler, new starter (scheduled).

This is the first Land Cruiser I've owned and I have absolutely loved it. I always knew they were great vehicles, but it surpassed my expectations. Mechanically I haven't had a single issue with this one, but it does have two things that the buyer needs to know about. First, the sunroof sags on the rear passenger corner. I bought it like that four years ago and it functions properly, so I never saw the need to repair it. However, I did get a guaranteed bid at the local body shop for the repair: $500. While at the body shop it was pointed out to me that the paint on the roof is oxidizing. So, that's the second thing.

All around it is in very good condition and has lived a fairly pampered life.

Location: Seattle
Price: $8250

I have tons of pics and would be happy to email shots of whatever you are interested in seeing.
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Take two

Just realized that I left out the pics. Sorry about that.


I'd be interested in seeing more pics.

Has the sun/moon roof caused any water seeping into the cabin, etc???

Do you know (more of) the vehicle history prior to you acquiring the vehicle?

Thanks, and good luck!!
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Let me know if there are particular parts of the vehicle that you are interested in seeing. As far as the sunroof; it has never leaked. Hence the reason that I have never repaired it. It functions perfectly, other than the slight sag on the rear passenger side.
Thanks for the pics!

As I've asked above, do you know the vehicle history, maintenance, accidents, etc.... of before and after you owned the vehicle? Does it have the original head gasket, etc...?

Also, kind of goes with the above question, but where has the vehicle spent its time before arriving on your driveway?

I guess pics of the engine compartment, undercarriage(sp), including the axles/birfs, and seat pictures (all rows), etc... would be helpful.

And I guess I failed to see the slight sag on the sun roof, if the picture was meant to illustrate it. (My eye sight is not that good though!)

I'm not in a rush so don't make it a high priority to get the pics or anything!

Thanks again!

Mot :)
New Price

I need to sell the Cruiser as soon as possible. I am willing to take $7500.

Let me know if you would like to see more pics.
Is it still available?? If so is there any body dents, rust etc......undercarriage rust...
It is still available. It was under contract to be purchased until Monday, but the buyer got hosed on import fees (Canada) and, so, backed out.

There is absolutely zero rust anywhere. No dents at all. There are two door dings, but I think that's pretty good for 13 years of life. The only issue is the sunroof, as mentioned. Again, it operates perfectly and does not leak, but there is a slight sag on the right rear corner.
Wow, Thats nice. Would you by chance know how much it would be to ship/drive to Salt Lake. I will look around online, I just wanted to post up.
I have never shipped a vehicle, but I have made the drive between SLC and Seattle in it. The cost should be around $150 assuming you drive the speed limit.
My wife/me NEED another cruiser. I will show her the pics when she gets home from work. We are currently looking for one locally with no luck. Thanks , Jeff
Sounds like it could work well, as I need to sell this one fairly urgently. My inlaws live in Ogden, so I may be able to arrange to deliver it to you if interested. Let me know what other info you would like on it.
Cool, yes more info would be helpful. Some of the questions earlier in this thread and anything else you can think of. This will be a DD for a while so I need something good to go. Thanks, Jeff
The only question that I saw from the previous posts was regarding its history. I know that I am the third owner, and I bought the car nearly five years ago in Utah. My understanding is that that owner had it for two years, and he bought it from someone in the southwest U.S. (Vegas/Arizona/etc.).

As I mentioned, the starter is being replaced, and it will be done by the end of the week. I also decided to swap out the brakes since they just started squeaking (kind of anal like that). Other than that I'm not sure what other specific questions you may have.

As far as reliability, I would guess that you are more familiar with Land Cruisers, as a vehicle, than I am. This one in specific has been phenomenal for us. I have never had ANY issue with it whatsoever. It has always started the first time, every time and it runs flawlessly. I have kept it very well maintained and had all needed maintenance done. As I said, it has made the trip back and forth from Seattle to SLC several times. It has never been a rock crawler, but it has seen a fair amount of heavy snow, and it has never been stuck. In fact, Seattle has a historic snow storm this last December that trapped hundreds of cars on the road and I drove around pulling cars out of all kinds of crazy places.

Good times.

Let me know what else I can answer for you.

It may be helpful to contact audaciousduo to get his take on the condition of the vehicle as he was the one who came down from Canada to see it. Maybe he can answer some questions for you from a third-party perspective.
OK, my brain is fried from sitting in front of this confuser all day. Does everything work like it should? It looks like a great rig and I'm excited about it. I just want to make sure before I plunk down money. Are you planning on any trips to see the in-laws ?
Everything works perfectly. The only thing that I would point out is the slight sag in the sunroof, but it does work perfectly. I bought it like that and never saw a need to fix it.

The only trip planned is for my wife and daughter to fly down in a couple of weeks. I may be able to talk her into driving down and then flying back, but a sale would have to be finalized in order for me to do that.

Please let me know how you would like to proceed.


It took nearly 4 months to sell? Darn, timing sucks, I would have bought it too!
Damn, if you decide to sell it again anytime soon PM me. I'm looking for one for my brother and this one was perfect. :(

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