96 FJ80 Transmission Shifting @ High RPM PLEASE HELP

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Oct 29, 2004
Salt Lake City, UT
I just did a head gasket on my '96 80 series and I am a bit stumped. I went through just about everything on the top end. New heater hoses (including PHH), milled the head, new seals all around, new injector o-rings, ARP stud kit, etc., etc.
Everything went together nicely. Engine is back up and running smooth.

Took it out for a test drive and now she won't shift right. First gear will wind up to 4,700 RPM before shifting to second. I have the same pattern for second and third gear. It doesn't matter if I shift through the gears manually or not the pattern is the same. I have adjusted the throttle valve cable. I can get the shifts to soften a bit but the shift points stay at the same rpm.

I have checked the trans fluid levels hot and cold so I know it's not a fluid level issue. I have done an exhaustive search here on Mud as well as Google without much luck. :bang::bang::bang:

Are there any 80 Series ninjas here on Mud that can lend some advice or additional trouble shooting?

I'm about to round up an old priest and a young priest to exercise the demons out of this thing :mad:
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Did your "power" button down by the gear selector get bumped? Maybe the indicator light is inop.
Power button is not the issue. I checked that as one of the first items. I have also checked and adjusted the throttle valve cable to infinity and beyond. I can soften the shift but the shift point never changes from shifting right near redline through 1st, 2nd, & 3rd.

The only thing that my collective posse has been able to come with is to move on to check the throttle position sensor.

I noticed on my Torque app, that the throttle number stays stuck at 94.

Thanks for the thoughts and feedback. I am open to anything else.

I have downloaded the '96 fsm. Any help on trouble shooting the TPS in conjunction with tranny would be greatly appreciated.

Yeah, I was gonna say, "TPS out of adjustment?".
Has this issue been resolved?

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