For Sale 96' FJ80 Landcruiser. Very Clean!

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United States
I have just about completely re-done the interior and have done some work underneath or exterior as well.....

* New black carpet throughout entire truck.

* New black leather interior on all three rows of seats.

* New black headliner throughout

* New Pioneer sound system with touch screen stereo/phone integrated so conversation comes through the speakers.

* New AC vents

*Original dash board looks great with NO cracks

*New Flow Master Exhaust with double pipes and chrome tips. Sounds mean!!

*New windshield. Checked and NO signs of rust in the frame while being replaced.

*New Tie rod and Tie rod ends

*Old Man Emu shocks

*New U-joint

*New BF Goodrich All Terrain tires 305/70/16R only three months old with good rotation schedule

*All fluids regularly checked with NO oil leaks!!! I'm always checking!!

$ 10,000 only serious buyers inquire please.

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Beautiful Cruiser! How many miles are on it? Brief history? Maintenance records?

For $10K, serious buyers will be asking lots of questions. If I weren't in the middle of finishing up two 60's (and had the cash in hand from the sale of those trucks) I'd be on a plane to come and see yours. Again, very nice work!
225,000 miles. I have ALL receipts from any work that I've done plus maintenance records. As far as I know, this truck has lived in Florida all its life except for my brief time ( 6 months ) in North Carolina (where most of the work was done). Handles GREAT off road!! I've put ALOT of love into this truck and it has NO rust anywhere from what I've seen. The headliner was just replaced last week (Black) and I kept the original light grey handles and interior light cases which gives it a nice effect with the two tone colours. This truck is always getting great compliments.
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Aww man, I was really hoping you'd be up front about the mileage. When you posted it up for sale last November or December, wasn't there some mention of the odometer showing 225,000 right before you purchased it?

I wouldn't think that would detract too much from your price point really (it's obviously a very nice rig), but why not be upfront about it?
I looked into it more and the previous owner swears that those were the true miles and never reset. I checked with my mechanic and he saw no sign of it ever being tampered with. Back in December I tried to as honest as possible about the mileage and my personal thoughts about it but like I said, Ive done some research since then and nothing tells me that those aren't the original miles. I have to go with what I know....I can't hurt myself by saying there's more than there might actually be, you know?
Gotcha. Wonder if a carfax could help clear that up?
Thats an idea I haven't looked into. Unfortunately all I have had to go off of is what the odometer says and what my mechanic knows. Good idea though!!
Might want to. That should verify the mileage without question.

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