'96 Camry antenna repair?

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Jan 12, 2006
St. Louis, MO
I've read several posts on repairing the antenna mast/motor etc. .. on a TLC, but I've never had the problem. However, my neighbor has a '96 Camry and the antenna doesn't go up. It looks like many of the interior parts and non-offroad parts are very similar. Does anyone know what parts are needed for repair or replacement of the camry antenna?

If it matters, when the car is first started, I can hear the motor running on the antenna, but it doesn't move. I'm told that over the course of several weeks the antenna will actually go up a bit, but never get past 1/4 . It can be easily pushed back down at any time.

Any advice including part numbers and estimated prices would be appreciated.
Pull it out and see if the cable is broken or if the mast is broken. Whatever it needs, order it and reassemble.
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