95 heater valve-oem or 1/2 price NAPA?

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Jan 12, 2008
West MI near GVSU
On a whim I asked my NAPA guy today if he could get a heater valve replacement. He actually had one on the shelf. It’s $42 my price verses the $100 or so for an OEM replacement.

Has anyone tried the cheaper NAPA part?

I haven't tried one but I trust napa parts for a lot of things, for that price buy two and have a spare in case of a failure.
If you know a mechanic with an account at napa I bet it would be even cheaper. I use my friends account at oriellys and napa and usually get an extra 20%-40% off depending on the part..... Most shops make money on the parts they put in your vehicles.
I’d never put that Napa part on my cruiser. Especially a critical one like a heater valve.
Most Mud members are going to say use Toyota. There are probably tons of people using the Napa part with no problem. Me, I replaced mine with a Toyota part as PM.
I know Toyota parts are supposed to be so much better, but I think even the Toyota heater valve had kind of a high failure rate. I am on my third oem valve. They are both plastic and I think it is a pretty simple part....

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