For Sale 95 FZJ80 w/lockers for sale (2 owner)

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We are buying our first house and need some more cash for the down payment, so we are selling our FZJ80 (keeping the FJ60 because no one wants to pay much for a 60 with rust). In brief: immaculate maintenance record, minor cosmetic flaws. I purchased it form the original owner in 2009 in San Antonio, TX at 194k. It now has 219k. The original owner had $4,000 in dealership maintenance done immediately prior to selling it (I have dealership documentation I will scan in; PO's wife worked at the Toyota dealership). This cruiser starts and runs like it is new. The only mechanical cons are a leaky upper oil pan.

It recently passed Portland, OR emissions testing (I can scan in those results too). It is dark green and optioned out; lockers (with CDL switch installed), tan leather, sunroof, rack, tow, etc. It does have minor cosmetic flaws, including paint going bad on hood, rubber seals at fender flares have rotted, and small ding in left front fender where deer hit me (once you see the pics you will understand the deer actually ran into me), also tear in driver's seat leather. Other than that mentioned the interior and exterior look good and it is very clean. Mechanically, it is in top running condition. It is 100% stock. The shocks were recently replaced, but the original coil springs feel a bit tired. Front axle and brakes were rebuilt in winter 2010. It is a very nice running cruiser in excellent shape. I am asking $6800. The price is firm, unless a week has passed, then I will consider offers.

I will provide pictures and docs tomorrow, along with further details. I will miss this truck.
Here is the album where I will be placing documents and photos. So far, I have just got documents scanned in. I will get pics tomorrow.

1995 FZJ80 Landcruiser pictures by Acer_circinatum - Photobucket

Here is just a sample:
Thanks Aukey, it is. OK I finally finished detailing it, up and got some photos taken.

Here are a couple photos and a link to the album on photobucket with more photos.







Fender dent caused by deer.
Good luck with the sale! Just wanted to chime in because if you're using these funds for a house, you might want to double check if you can. Don't take cash as payment because most banks can't use that as verified funds. Try to get a cashiers check with a memo that proves it was for a sale of the car. I just purchased a home in CA and it was crazy how in depth they get over your money and where it came from

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