95 FZJ80 - Vapor Lock???

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Aug 12, 2008
I recently posted a while back that I was having trouble with my 95 FZJ80 when driving long distances and pulling off an exit my truck would stall. It also happened coming down a mountain side.

The last post no one really knew the answer and then I was reading Toyota Trials this month and saw the guy who took a dryer hose to cool of his carb because he was getting vapor lock and his Landcruiser was stalling out too.

About 8 months ago I changed out my charcoal canister because of a strong fuel smell with a new one. I also changed the three hoses that were attached to new fuel line hoses.

Could the 'fuel line' rated hoses be causing vapor lock? One of the hoses is directly going to a filter near the carb. If they are, what type of hose was supposed to be there?

Any suggestions? I don't get the stalling out very much but it does suck when you are coming down a mountain side with no power steering.

I look forward to feedback.

I don't think it is vapor lock. Vapor lock usually happens with one way gas lines. Modern engines circulate the fuel from the tank, past the injectors and back to the tank again. This circulation usually keeps the fuel from vaporizing in the lines as it gets cooled when it is returned to the tank.
I guess you are right, he listed SC in the bottom of his sig line. Why all the carb talk then?

Hey sorry for the confusion gents. Yes, I am in South Carolina and I do not have a carb. I was in a hurry to get the post out and wasn't thinking straight. So basically I have the charcoal canister and there are three hoses that connect to it. When I replaced it, those lines looked cracked so I replaced those with standard fuel lines. One of the hoses connects to what looks like a filter and then goes near the engine manifold (maybe fuel injector)?

If it helps I can get out there later today and take a picture to show you. My thoughts where that if you change the these three hoses, could it be that I didn't use the correct hose and something is causing the engine to cut out when I get it hot and let off the gas?

Thanks and sorry for the delay.


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