'95 FZJ80 Nerf Bars & Light Bar

Oct 29, 2005
Brevard, N.C.
I'm looking at removing the running boards (don't like look) on my FZJ and putting on some Nerf Bars. My question is do I leave the rubber do0hicky's on at the front and back of the running boards or remove them as well? Also any sources out there for a light bar?


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Oct 27, 2003
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some suggestions before the flames get too high...

do a search on "sliders" or take a look at the sliders on the www.sleeoffroad.com website. If you plan on doing any kind of serious offroad travel, sliders will be much better than tube steps, more commonly known as nerf bars.

By light bar, do you mean something for the roof or in front...bumper-like? If you're talking bumper-like, I'd suggest you get a real bumper rather than a "grill guard" sort of thing. The price will be similar, depending on brand, and it'll provide some decent protection, unlike grill guards (aka damage multipliers).

The answers to these and many more questions can be found by searching through the past threads in this forum.

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Sep 23, 2004
I have to agree with just saying no to nerf bars, wrong place to ask that question. They just look HORRIBLE on an 80 and you'd be better off for looks and protection with just the stock running boards.

As for a light bar you can easily mount lights to the front bumper but if you do choose to get a front "grill gaurd" aka damage multiplier get a smitty built. They not only mount like the others to the frame but also require two bolts into the bumper which actually keeps the gaurd from shaking around. This makes a huge difference when the lights are on.
May 9, 2005
Terre Haute, IN
I was reading something on here just yesterday, I think it was in one of the slider FAQ's that someone destroyed tube steps worse than the factory running boards. May have even been body damage can't remember.

I have a damage multiplier you can have if you pay for shipping.
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